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Nuts & Bolts 34, Sd.Kfz.7

Nuts & Bolts 34, Sd.Kfz.7 This review is on Nuts & Bolts 34, which was released in May 2015. This volume is on Sd.Kfz.7, 8 ton Zugkraftwagen Krauss - Maffei...

Weathering Aircraft Wheels Pt 2

Part 2 of how to weather aircraft wheels

Paul Tosney - Model Builder International - www.modelbuilderinternational.com 


Review Flyhawk 1/72 M1A2 SEP

There's been plenty written about the Abrams tank so I won't bother repeating it all here other than to say you can google everything you might want to know. This...

AMMO New products

Two new products from AMMO.

German Night Vision FG1250 for AFV mounted MG 42

This release from ET Model is from their ER series of Resin and photoetch sets for 1/35 scale AFV and is designed for use with AFV Mounted MG34 infra-red configuration.


DXM Decals 1/48 F-4EJ Kai JASDF 8Sq Sea Camouflage

This decal sheet, 81-4134, covers 4 aircraft all from 8 Sqn JASDF: ACM2003 Winner, Misawa AB 2006 Iruma AB 2006 Misawa AB 2002 Misawa AB The 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron...

1/48 Mirage IV Refuelling Probe

A quality replacement metal refuelling probe.

Iliad Design C-47 Decals

Iliad Design C-47 Decals There's plenty written about the C-47, so there's not much point in talking about it here other than to say look at Wikipedia if you want...

Kagero PhotoSniper 27 Before the Brith of the MBT. Western Tank Development 1945-1959

https://youtu.be/ByK_sd4qlv0 The PhotosSniper series of books are primarily photo album descriptions of a single vehicle or aircraft. This one differs from the norm in that it is about a whole...

AMDG Decals 1/48 P-51 Yankee Merlins Pt2

A great P-51B & F-6C decal sheet from AMDG Decals.

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How To: Intro To Dioramas (Definition, Composition, And Design)

https://youtu.be/hvVJoMC7gJY Hey guys! In this video, I explain my philosophical "artistic theory" as applied to vignettes and dioramas. I love all kinds of scale modeling...

Making A Display Base

Here's how I turned this shadowbox frame into a display base for my 1/1000 scale U.S.S. DEFIANT. The first thing I'll do is find the...

Spitfire FR MK XIVe

I'm hoping I can spit this one out by the end of the month. It's a simple kit with enough detail to please. Most...