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The Batman GB

In this section of the site, you will find our Batman Group Build entries. If you wish to be a part of this group build please join the community and group. You can also find the rules to this build under the group build rules section.

2020 Batman GB – Batwing

Mark Buchholz has finished up his second build the Batwing! This is what Mark had to say about the build. The Batwing is finished. Not a bad build, but not...

2020 Batman GB – 1989 Batmobile

Mark Buchholz has completed his 1989 Batmobile and added a few shots of his 1966 Batmobile in there for good measure. Mark plans on building a few more kits...

2020 Batman GB – Batman

Our friend Bob Bruce was at it again. He completed his second build the 1:8 scale Batman from Revell. Bob decided for this build he would go with the...

2020 Batman GB – Batman Stock Car

Bob Bruce has built the AMT Batman Stock Car for this year's Batman Group Build. The kit had its difficulties with missing parts, stickers instead of decals, and an...

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