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In this section of the site, you will find Yearly or other specific group builds. If you wish to be a part of our group builds please register at the community and find the specific group for the group build you are interested in. Or you can even start your own group build too.

2020 Batman GB – 89 Batmobile

One done three to go! The 89 Batmobile is finally finished all the lighting is working great and everything came together very nicely. Everyone knows what the lit-up bat emblem means... It is time...
Be A Kid Again... 2020 Group Build!!

Be A Kid Again… 2020 Group Build!!

Remember being a kid and just having fun building a kit? Ripping parts off the runner, huge gaps in the kit, glue dripping everywhere? I remember those days and I remember picking up this...

VJ/VE 75th Anniversary Group Build

Welcome to the VJ/VE 75th Anniversary Group Build. We would like to invite you to join the build commemorating the end of World War II. We want to honor the brave men and women...
Angel Fink

Halloween GB ’19 – Angel Fink

Hi all, finished the Halloween build - Revell Angel Fink. Fun little kit, I’ve heard Atlantis is going to reissue this kit soon, mine had the original date stamped on the plastic (1964). I...

The HLI 2020 Christmas Group Build

Ho! Ho! Ho! Hello everyone and welcome to the HLI Christmas Group Build. The Group Build idea came about on our live stream. We figured we have a Halloween Group Build why not celebrate another...

Halloween GB ’19 – Ghostbusters Ecto 1

ECTO-1B is all finished the lighting & siren sound effects circuit boards are all working great. And when Jerry at HDA MODELWORX gets the backdrop all finished I'll post some more pictures of Ecto-1B... Later...

The Shelf Queen GB 2020 to 2022

We have all been there and a lot of us are still there at the moment. We start a build we get so far and something either distracts us, we lose interest, real-life gets...

Halloween GB ’19 – Batman’s Torment

These are two pieces Oggie Gonzalez picked up at Wonderfest earlier in the year and has built them for this year's Halloween Group Build. To see more than just photos of Oggies completed build...

Shelf Queen GB 2020 to 2022 – U.S.S. Enterprise C

Still need to hook up the wires but otherwise, I'm calling this long-suffering shelf queen done! 1/1400 Enterprise C with the battle damage decals to recreate her battered look in the episode 'Yesterday's Enterprise'. Alex...

Halloween GB ’19 – The Thing From Another World

I've finished my kit-bashed Thing from Another World figure. I'll be working on the base for it, an outdoor scene with him battling sled dogs, with some wooden crates and an oil drum. Only...

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