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In this section of the site, you will find Yearly or other specific group builds. If you wish to be a part of our group builds please register at the community and find the specific group for the group build you are interested in. Or you can even start your own group build too.

2020 Batman GB - Batwing

2020 Batman GB – Batwing

Well, it is finally done, the Batwing form the Batman Forever movie is completed. This build was for the Hobby Link International 2020 Batman Group Build. Here are pictures of the finished model. ~Richard Pezall

2020 Batman GB – Robin

Holy Photo-Finish, Batman! Robin is done and on the shelf! Now I have to buy more Flesh tone paint...Robin should have worn more colorful leggings back then... 😊 Enjoy the World’s Greatest Sidekick!

2020 Batman GB – Batman

Holy Plastic Likenesses, Batman! BAM! POW! WHAP! This model is done! Robin should arrive tomorrow to assist the Caped Crusader in his never-ending battle against Evildoers! Stay Tuned! Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel! David Smith
2020 Batman GB - Batman vs Superman DOJ Batmobile

2020 Batman GB – Batman vs Superman DOJ Batmobile

Tonight I put the final touches to the Batman vs Superman DOJ Batmobile and with that, I'm calling this model done... I replaced the Bat Single Decal with the Batman vs Superman Logo and added...
2020 Batman GB - Catwoman

2020 Batman GB – Catwoman

I finished the Moebius Models 1:8 scale Catwoman for the Batman group build. I did not do the base yet. Hoping to have all of the characters and do all of the bases at...
B-17G Flying Fortress

B-17G Flying Fortress

Eric McCalister has completed his build for the VJ/VE 75th Anniversary Group Build. He built the Lindberg B-17G Flying Fortress.
Halloween GB '20 - The Pendulum

Halloween GB ’20 – The Pendulum

Thought I'd do something a little different for Halloween this year. So from the minds of Edger Allan Poe and Vincent Price may I present The Pendulum. Marty Graf
Back To The Future

Back To The Future Final pictures of the 1/25th BTTF Diorama, it's taken just under a year to complete, it has three separate circuit boards, running a soundboard, flux capacitor, and lightning effects, a combination of LED lighting...

2020 Batman GB – Batman

My entry into this group build, my 3D printed Batman diorama designed by Spicer McLeroy on Facebook is finished. The whole design was printed on my Epax X10 resin printer. The figure is in...
Star Trek Space Ship Set

Star Trek Space Ship Set

0 The AMT Star Trek Space Ship Set is finished. I first built this set when I was about six years old. I snapped it together, didn't paint or decal it, and played with the ships...

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