Donnie Daugherty has entered his build for the Star Trek 55th Anniversary GB. His build is of the Vulcan Shuttle. Here is what Donnie had to say about his build.

This is my build of the old AMT Vulcan Shuttle. There are a few challenges in lighting the old version of this kit but I’m happy with how it turned out in the end. I used a mixture of Reaper, Vallejo, and Model Master Paints on it. I tried to replicate the slightly brown tone that the shuttle had in the movie. The navs and strobes are 2mm LEDs and they are controlled by an HLIFX001 board. The bussards and chiller grills are tinted with Vallejo game color inks and lit with segments of led tape. The RCS thrusters were masked off before painting and then I placed smds behind them to shine through the plastic. The decals I ordered from round 2, they are the ones that were for the newer version of this kit.


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