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1/72 Tachikawa Ki-54Hei ‘ Hickory’

The Ki-54 Hickory was a WW2 Japanese twin-engine aeroplane which was manufactured in four main versions used for pilots training, wireless operators and navigators training, aerial gunnery training and finally the version used for both transport and anti-submarine patrols. The kit comes on four styrene sprues and one with clear parts.
The first incarnation of our kit is the transport variety and brings three Japanese airframes, one of which in two guises. Among the schemes, you will also find the Ki-54 Hei / Hickory no.5541 which had to make an emergency landing on the Towada lake on 27 September 1943. The plane was found and fished out of the lake on 5 September 2012 and was put on display at the Misawa museum. An airframe that can boast its interesting past is the 10. Dokiuritsu Hikodan Shireibu machine which was used to fly the Lieutenant General Masao Baba capitulation delegation to Borneo. For this particular option, the decal sheet has the green capitulation crosses as well.

the Ki-54 has never been kitted in styrene format before
decals cater for airframes with interesting history¨
paint masks also available

1/72 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 ‘Lightly-Armed Emil’
Messerschmitt Bf 109E was probably the best fighter in the world in 1939-40. It was produced in two armament variants, lightly and heavily armed. The light variant was armed with machine guns above the engine and in the wing and was produced in versions E-1, E-5 and E-6.
The model follows the Messerschmitt models Bf 109E-3 and Bf 109E-4 (recently awarded as 2021 models). It contains two frames of plastic parts and a frame of clear parts. Decals and instructions are offered by four interesting Luftwaffe machines. The machines of es, Fritz Losigkeit, a pilot who flew in Japan for part of the war, and H. Trautloft, a green-green machine decorated with a drawing of a witch and the machine of JG2 commander Oberst Gerd von Massow were chosen.

very detailed model
interesting decals, machines es
a version that has not yet been offered as a quality model
CMK spray masks and resin accessories are offered separately for the model

1/72 P-40M Warhawk / Kityhawk Mk.III
The Warhawk was a true hard worker of World War II. In many versions, he fought on the Allied side on almost all battlefields. The M version was the penultimate mass-produced version. It was supplied to both the USAAF and the Allies. Thanks to this, it is difficult to choose from the inexhaustible number of interesting machines the few that we can offer in the decals of our model.
The high-quality model, three frames of plastic parts and two frames of clear parts, complete with decals for five machines. Wairarapa Wildcat the most successful New Zealand pilot flying a P-40 GBFisken, two American machines, one Australian machine and a Brazilian machine (in two forms of coloring) make a dignified choice.

interesting camouflage
the best P-40 1/72 model on the market
for the kit, we offer a large number of resin accessories and masks sold separately

1/72 SMB-2 Super Mystère ‘Sa’ar – Israeli Storm in the Sky’ / reedition
Model of a French jet fighter in the service of the IAF in a variant with an American J52 engine and an extended stern of the fuselage. The model is molded from steel molds, contains 9 frames of plastic parts (two are in duplicate) and a frame of clear parts.

detailed and very accurate model
precise decals including labels for three IAF machines in different types of coloring
rich selection of suspended equipment directly in the model
for the model we offer separately detailed PUR equipment designed to improve the model

Paul Tosney – Editor

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