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F-15E Strike Eagle
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… E39
Release date …… Around August 05, 2021

A mass-produced version of the F-15E, a US Air Force fighter-bomber, will be made into a kit.
Developed a large number of new plastic parts!
Precisely reproduce the features of mass production type such as long type pylon.
Bombs, navigation pods, and target pods are also included.
In addition, a general-purpose exhibition stand will be included as a privilege only for the first production!
Please try to fully install it in combination with the separately sold “X72-9, 11, 12”.

Additional plastic parts
Conformal tank
Pylon parts

First production privilege
General-purpose stand

Decal (marking)
366th Wing 391st Combat Squadron Affiliated aircraft “MO207” (2001)
4th Fighter Wing 336th Combat Squadron “Locetters” belonging aircraft “SJ336FS”

Nakajima Ki-84-I Type 4
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… JT67
Release date …… Around August 05, 2021

YS-11 “Air Self-Defense Force Flight Check Squadron / 403rd Squadron Last Flight”
Scale … 1: 144
Part number ……… 10843
Release date …… Around August 05, 2021
Number of parts … 48
Model total length … 182.5mm
Model overall width … 222mm

Reproduce the last flight aircraft of Flight Check Squadron & 403rd Squadron!

The personnel transport type (YS-11P) was in operation from 1965 to 2017.
Flight Check Squadron No. 51 was remodeled from the YS-11P in 1992 and
was retired in March 2021.
The kit is a set of two and comes with an exhibition stand.

Decal (marking)
YS-11FC: Air Self-Defense Force Flight Check Squadron affiliation aircraft “151” (Iruma base: March 2021)
YS-11P: Air Self-Defense Force 3rd Transport Air Corps 403rd Squadron Affiliated aircraft “152” (Miho base: May 2017)

Su-35S Flanker
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… E44
Release date …… Around August 05, 2021
Model overall length … 306mm
Model overall width … 205mm

The Su-35 is Russia’s state-of-the-art fighter, which is an enhanced version of the Su-27.
By abolishing the canard wing and installing a new three-dimensional thrust vectoring nozzle, we succeeded in demonstrating excellent high maneuverability.
The kit not only has beautiful proportions unique to the Flanker series, but also precisely expresses the details of the sculpture. Legs can be parked / flying.
The engine nozzle can be selected from upward / downward. The canopy is openable and closable and comes with a pilot figure.
It comes with a wealth of weapons, including anti-ship missiles, so it can be fully loaded.

Decal (marking)
Russian Air Force affiliation machine “04” (upper blue camouflage)
Russian Air Force affiliation machine “07” (painted in dark gray on the top)
Other machine numbers

Nakajima Ki-43 Complete Fighter Hayabusa II Late Type
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… JT82
Release date …… Around August 07, 2021

Mitsubishi Zero Fighter Type 52
Scale … 1:32
Part number ……… ST4
Release date …… Around August 07, 2021
Number of parts … 97
Model total length … 276mm
model Overall width … 334mm

Space Shuttle Orbiter & Boeing 747 “Farewell”
Scale … 1: 200
Part number ……… 10844
Release date …… Around August 07, 2021
Number of parts … 92

Reproduce the transportation mission machine after the Space Shuttle retired!

In front of the Boeing 747 “N905NA”, just above the blue stripe, there are multiple pilot names and flight marks for active duty. The kit comes with an exhibition stand.

Decal (marking)
Endeavor, Enterprise, Discovery, Atlantis and more
NASA new logo “N905NA”, “N911NA”
NASA old logo “905”, “911”

Nakajima Ki-84 Type 4 Fighter Gale
Scale … 1:32
Part number ……… ST24
Release date …… Around August 19, 2021
Number of parts … 137
Model total length … 310mm
model Overall width … 351mm

Nakajima C6N1 Shipboard reconnaissance aircraft Ayakumo
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… JT84
Release date …… Around August 21, 2021

F-22 Raptor
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… PT45
Release date …… Around August 21, 2021

The F-22 Raptor is a US Air Force air superiority fighter. It was developed based on the Advanced Tactical Fighter Plan as a successor to the F-15C Eagle, and is the same 5th generation group jet fighter as the F-35 and Su-47 Berkt experimental aircraft .

The feature of this machine is that it has the best stealth performance in the world.
The radar cross section is said to be about the size of a small bird, and it does not seem to respond to the radar of a fighter in flight. In addition, supersonic cruising (supercruise) is possible without an afterburner. All armament-related items are stored in the fuselage’s armament bay (weapon bay), and the door is opened only when in use to launch and
drop each armament .

The kit pursues the reproduction of the radio wave absorption sheet and the expression of the surface of the aircraft. The details inside the cockpit, inside the air duct, inside the weapon bay, and inside the leg storage are precisely made into parts. The flaperon of the main wing can be selected between the down state and the normal state. The VT (thrust vectoring) nozzle is a selection type of two parts with different mounting angles. Includes one sitting pilot figure (helmet can be selected from two types). Weapon Bay, which is one of the highlights of this machine, is openable and closable, and is armed with AIM-9X (2 shots) and AIM-120C (6 shots). The following 3 types of decals are set from the aircraft belonging to the US Air Force.

Decal (marking)
1st Fighter Wing 94th Combat Squadron “Hat in the Ring” 1FW Commander “FF 1FW” (2009) 192FW Commander / 302FS Squadron Commander / 49FW Commander

Peach Airbus A320
Scale … 1: 200
Part number ……… 41
Release date …… Around September 03, 2021
Number of parts … 43
Model total length … 188mm
model Overall width … 170.5mm

Japan’s first low-cost carrier (LCC), Peach Aviation’s A320, which went into service on March 1, 2012, has been made into a 1/200 scale kit. A cool and cute aircraft with attractive bright peach colors!

Decal (marking)
Peach Aviation aircraft (launched March 1, 2012)

ANA Boeing 737-700 “2005/2021”
Scale … 1: 200
Part number ……… 10845
Release date …… Around August 25, 2021
Number of parts … 47
Model total length … 168mm
model Overall width … 179mm

A special limited kit to commemorate the retirement of the ANA Boeing 737-700!

ANA’s 737-700, which began operation in 2005, will be retired in June 2021. The kit is a
set of two, a gold jet at the time of debut and a retirement commemorative marking machine. With an exhibition stand.

In addition, a “retirement commemorative mark” sticker (80 mm in diameter) is included!

Decal (marking)
Air Nippon’s first machine “JA01AN” (2005)
ANA Wings retirement commemorative marking machines “JA05AN” “JA06AN” (2021 (retired in June)

F-4B / N Phantom II “VF-111 Sundowners CAG”
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… 07503
Release date …… Around August 28, 2021
Number of parts … 106
Model total length … 370 mm
model Overall width … 244mm

Reproduce the CAG Bird of the US Navy VF-111 on 1/48 scale!

On the vertical stabilizer, “76” and 13 stars are drawn to represent the 200th anniversary of the founding of the United States.

Decal (marking)
F-4N: Carrier Air Wing Roosevelt 111th Fighter Squadron “Sundowners” 19th Carrier Air Wing Commander “NM200” (1976)
F-4B: USS Coral Sea 111th Fighter Squadron “Sundowners” 15th Carrier Air Wing Commander “NL200” (1975)

Japanese Navy Battleship Yamato
Scale … 1: 450
Part number ……… Z01
Release date …… Around August 28, 2021
Number of parts … 282
Model total length … 585mm
model Overall width … 91mm

Reproduce the realistic appearance by incorporating the latest evidence based on many materials. It is a kind design that is safe even for those who are assembling a plastic model for the first time, such as preparing support parts that ensure the assembly of hull parts by reducing the number of parts as much as possible without impairing precision .
In addition, all the details that Hasegawa has cultivated in the 1/350 ship model, such as the sculpture of the outer panel seam of the hull and the shape expression using the slide mold, are included.

Carrier-based aircraft: Zero-type three-seater water reconnaissance x 2
Movable parts: Turret, main barrel, upper bridge, rangefinding, 12.7 cm high-angle gun, catapult, rudder
attachment Seal: Rising Sun Flag, carrier-based aircraft marking
package illustration: Kato single drive Mr. Ro

Product Specifications
Combined Fleet 2nd Fleet Flagship (1945)

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