Lee Chambers has finished up his diorama based on A New Hope for his 2021 SciFiantay GB. Here is what he has to say about the build.

This is a diorama based on the New Hope movie.

I used an old storage box from the attic as the hanger bay, it had to be deep enough to build the elevator shaft that was a big feature of the movie set.

I used the Bandai Force Awakens Falcon and Advance and standard Tie Fighters in the same scale.
1/350 Tie fighters were used to give a forced perspective. Lots of kit-bashed parts were used, and scratch building to create the hanger bay details.
Although 40 Stormtroopers have been added to the diorama, I still have a few more in a different pose to add.
But this is now very close to finishing so I hope you enjoy the photos.

Best regards,

Lee.[skyray models]


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