Hasegawa June 2021 Releases


RF-4E Phantom II “501SQ 1994 Battle Special”
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 02381
Release date …… Around June 05, 2021
Number of parts … 125
Model total length … 265mm
model Overall width … 163mm

Reproduce the phantom depicting the five beasts that participated in the 1994 tactical competition!

Decal (marking)

Air Self-Defense Force Reconnaissance Air Corps 501st Squadron 1994 Competitive aircraft
“Blue Dragon”, “White Tiger”, “Suzaku”, “Genbu”, “Kirin”

F-15C Eagle “US Air Force”
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… E13 S
Release date …… Around June 10, 2021

Japanese Navy Light Cruiser Yahagi “Operation Ten-Go”
Scale … 1: 350
Part number ……… Z26
Release date …… Around June 10, 2021
Number of parts … 511
Model overall length … 498.5mm
Model overall width … 54mm

Aichi D3A1 Type 99 shipboard bomber type 11 “Midway Island”
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… JT56
Release date …… Around June 17, 2021

F-15DJ Eagle “Aggressor Blue / White”
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 02379
Release date …… Around June 23, 2021
Number of parts … 142
Model total length … 267 mm
model Overall width … 179mm

A brilliant unit that acts as a virtual enemy aircraft in teaching training. Reproduce the digital pattern camouflage machine belonging to the flight instruction group!

Set the exposed arresting hook parts.

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force flight guidance group belonging aircraft “088” (2014-2018)

F / A-18F Super Hornet “VFA-103 Jolly Rogers 75th Anniversary”
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 02380
Release date …… Around June 23, 2021 B
Number of parts … 121
Model total length … 255mm
model Overall width … 184mm

VFA-103 A special marking machine commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Jolly Rogers unit! Founded in 1943, Jolly Rogers celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2018.
The vertical stabilizer has markings commemorating the 75th anniversary and the names of successive units. Set the update parts for Block II.

Decal (marking)

USS Abraham Lincoln-equipped 103rd Combat Attack Squadron
“Jolly Rogers” Unit 75th Anniversary Marking Machine (CAG Machine) “AG200” (2018)

Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi “three-stage deck”
Scale … 1: 700
Part number ……… 220
Release date …… Around June 24, 2021

The aircraft carrier Akagi was completed in 1927 at Kure Naval Arsenal. It is the first large aircraft carrier of the Japanese Navy based on the Washington Treaty together with Kaga. The flight deck adopted the unique form of the Japanese Navy, which is a three-stage type, and the lower stage was used as the departure deck and the upper stage was used as the departure and landing deck. The middle tier was not used as a flight deck due to the expansion of the bridge and the installation of two 20 cm twin turrets. Since a large chimney that slopes downward on the starboard side and a small upright chimney are installed, the flight deck on the uppermost stage is also characterized by having the center line shifted to the port side. In 1935, a major modernization renovation was carried out at the Sasebo Arsenal, and the entire flight deck was redesigned. The kit reproduces the three-stage flight deck era before the modernization major renovation. The parts composition is selectable between the initial type (* the state before the 20 cm twin turret is installed immediately after completion) and the medium type (1934-35) with a small temporary bridge installed on the starboard side of the uppermost deck. .. The carrier-based aircraft comes with six Type 90 carrier-based fighters and six Type 13 No. 2 carrier-capable attack aircraft.

Product Specifications
Early type (1927-34)
Medium-term type (1934-35)

Nakajima B6N2 Shipboard attack aircraft Tianshan 12 type
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… JT61
Release date …… Around July 01, 2021

F-4J Phantom II “Showtime 100” / One Piece Canopy
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… PT6
Release date …… Around July 01, 2021

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