Review: AJM Models 1/72 Type 88 75mm AA gun


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The Type 88 75 mm AA gun entered service between 1927 and 1928, and was deployed to virtually every anti-aircraft field artillery unit as protection against medium-level aircraft attacks. Although it was a difficult and expensive weapon for Japan to produce with its limited industrial infrastructure and production technology, it was produced in larger numbers than any other medium anti-aircraft weapon in the Japanese inventory. Over 2000 units completed by the time of the surrender of Japan.

During both the Battle of Iwo Jima and the Battle of Okinawa it was used effectively with armour-piercing rounds against American M4 Sherman tanks and as a coastal-defence gun. It was assigned to civil defense units in major Japanese cities, but its maximum effective vertical range of 7,250 metres (23,790 ft) meant it was ineffective against the USAAF B-29 Superfortress bombers

Kit History

I’m not aware of anyone doing a kit of this gun in 1/72 before although Pit Road did one in 1/35 made of white metal about 15 years ago.

Inside the box:

  • 25 resin parts for the gun plus 15 resin 75mm shells
  • 1 half sheet of double-sided paper showing the instructions in 6 steps

The box is a small top opening cardboard box and all the parts inside are bagged.

The resin parts are very nicely detailed and some of the smaller parts are just that, very small. Care will be needed when removing the smaller parts from the pour stubs.


The instructions are good and lay things out well. There are only 6 steps and things are laid out pretty clearly. Steps 5 and 6 you might need to zoom in on to clearly see how the parts attach to the gun.

Paint & Decals

There are no decals and no painting instructions. However overall khaki seems to be the standard colour with an option for green in the pacific.

This kit is not for beginners because as it’s a resin kit and you need to take care to avoid inhaling the dust. The kit has many small parts and a high PE part count for a ship of this size. However, this is a nicely detailed kit and you will end up with a spectacular model of HMS Jervis Bay that you will not see anywhere else.

The kit is available from our online store here.

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