Hasegawa Apr 2021 Releases


A-10C Thunderbolt II
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… E43
Release date …… Around April 07, 2021
Number of parts … 126
Model total length … 225mm
Model total width … 242mm

The C type, which is the final evolution of the A-10, which has been updated repeatedly and has continued to prolong its life, has been made into a kit. Reproduce the changes in the shape of the glare shield due to changes in the instrument panel, the addition of antennas for each part, and the installation of air-to-air missiles (for self-defense).
If you want to reproduce the powerful full equipment, you can use various working weapon sets sold separately.

Additional plastic parts
Glare shield
Instrument panel
AIM-9 Sidewinder & Pylon parts, etc.

Decal (marking)
US Air Force 23rd Wing 74th Combat Squadron “Tiger Shark” belonging aircraft “FT 23WG: 81-0964” (2011)
US Air Forces in Europe 52nd Fighter Squadron 81st Fighter Squadron “Panthers” “SP 52OG: 81-0966” (2013)

F-35 Lightning II (Type B) “US Marine”
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… E46
Release date …… Around April 10, 2021
Number of parts … 101
Model overall length … 217mm
Model overall width … 148mm

From the latest 5th generation stealth fighter “F-35”, a B type that enables short-range takeoff vertical landing (STOVL) is included in the kit.
Lift fan part upper / lower doors, engine part doors, etc. can be opened or closed.
The legs can be selected from flight status and parked status.
The nozzle has a removable structure and can be moved by the same rotation mechanism as the actual machine! This makes it possible to reproduce the state at the time of departure (short-range takeoff).
The flaperon, horizontal stabilizer, and vertical stabilizer are integrally formed with a slide mold to achieve a nice detail expression. Includes a pilot figure (sitting posture) with the latest helmet on and an exhibition stand.

Decal (marking)
US Marine Corps 121st Marine Combat Attack Squadron
“Green Knights” Captain “VK01” (Iwakuni Base 2017)
For one other aircraft

Japanese Navy Battleship Nagato “At the beginning of the war in 1945”
Scale … 1: 350
Part number ……… Z24
Release date …… Around April 14, 2021
Number of parts … 847
Model overall length … 643mm
Model overall width … 110mm

ANA Boeing 737-500 “Super Dolphin 1995/2020”
Scale … 1: 200
Part number ……… 10839
Release date …… Around April 15, 2021
Model overall length … 154mm
Model overall width … 144mm

Two sets of the first machine and the retirement commemorative machine!
The parts color is “white” for the fuselage, “gray” for the main wings and horizontal stabilizer.
The fuselage parts are divided into upper and lower parts, and the windows are reproduced with decals. Comes with an exhibition stand.
A “retirement commemorative mark” sticker (80 mm in diameter) provided by ANA Wings is included.

Decal (marking)
Air Nippon’s first machine “JA8404” (1995)
ANA Wings retirement commemorative marking machines “JA307K” “JA305K” “JA306K” (2020)

F-4EJ Phantom II “ADTW Phantom Forever 2021”
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 02373
Release date …… Around April 21, 2021
Number of parts … 117
Overall length of model … 265mm
Overall width of model … 163mm

~ Phantom Forever ~ Phantom forever!
We will reproduce the special marking of the Air Development and Test Wing affiliated aircraft “301” confirmed at the end of 2020.

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force Flight Development Experiment Team Affiliated aircraft “301” (Gifu base: 2020)

F-35 Lightning II (Type A) “Air Self-Defense Force 301st Squadron”
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 02374
Release date …… Around April 21, 202
Number of parts … 68
Model total length … 217.5mm
Overall width … 148mm

Reproduce the marking of the Air Self-Defense Force 301SQ , which has started deploying the F-35 !
Set multiple machine number decals.

Decal (marking)
3rd Air Wing 301st Squadron Affiliated aircraft “721” (Misawa base: 2020-)
Multiple machine numbers

UH-60J (SP) Rescue Hawk “Offshore Camouflage”
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 02375
Release date …… Around April 22, 2021
Number of parts … 116
Model total length … 256.5mm
model Overall width … 228mm

Set the special parts to reproduce the UH-60J (SP) of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.

Selectable “592” with a refueling probe for aerial refueling and “582” without it.
“592” has the Japan Air Self-Defense Force 60th Anniversary mark on the side of the aircraft.

Additional plastic parts
Bubble side window

Etched parts

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force Air Rescue Wing affiliated aircraft “592” / “582”


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