Jaylin Morin is a member of the HLI community and posts some really cool builds. Here is Jalyn’s latest build from the Community and here is a little bit about the build from Jalyn.

This is my Depth Charger Aqua Rod by AMT. This was a 2009 re-pop of the 60’s show rod. A fun build though frustrating at times due to the lack of alignment pins. A positive trait of no pins however was a perfect fit throughout.

There were few issues except that some details must have been added during development. The steering shaft did not have a place to go and was not quite long enough. Also, the propeller was affixed over the oil pan detail such as the drain plug.

The main color is black forest green by Scale75, tanks are brass by Vallejo.

Destress with a show rod build.

Jalyn Morin


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