Keith Russell has entered his Ford Snowplow in the Hobby Link International 2021 Model Of The Year Contest. Here is what Keith had to say about his build.

This is my entry into this year’s MOTY contest! It will be under the “Intermediate build” and the “Civilian Automotive” category. This model was all kit-bashed and scratch-built.

The frame, engine, and transmission are from a Lonestar kit, the modified and scratched built dump body is from an AMT Ford snowplow kit, the wheels, front drive axle, and transfer case is from Dave Natale-AITM. The snowplows and equipment are from Ryan Pedone and the cab and hood are from Timothy Sherman. The rest is all scratched built by me.

The plows raise and lower and the front plow can angle from left to right and the wing plow will trip down if it hits an object! The front plow hitch will tilt forward so the hood will open and the side panels can be removed to gain access to the engine. The dump body is a combination dump/sander type. Inside the dump body is a conveyor chain that moves the sand from the back to the front of the dump body to the spinner that is in front of the rear wheels. There are 2 fold-down plates that cover the conveyor chain for summer use. The inside floor tilts up to allow sand to slide down to the conveyor. The tarp system operates, the body raises and lowers and there is even a body prop to hold the body up if work needs to be done under the dump body. The ladder lowers and raises too. The chute is adjustable to dump sand on the spinner in various locations. This model is a close replica of the actual truck I drove for the Highway Dept I worked for!


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