Mandalorian The Jedi Diorama build.

Mando and baby Grogu are 3D files from Ahsoka Tano is actually 2 different 3D files from, the accurate head sculpt of Rosario Dawson from the show is from a bust I modified. Morai the owl on the twisted tree is from

The diorama is made primarily of dense insulation foam board, the trees are oven-baked polymer clay and the base surface is a lightweight, self-hardening clay. I used several materials for the greenery from Scenic Woodlands.

The backdrop image was created for me by Marc Fraley, as well as the 3D nameplate file. I printed the backdrop onto self-adhesive white vinyl and adhered it onto two clear, curved acrylic frames. The moon is lit from behind using a ring of strip lighting.

Finally, Ahsoka’s awesome lightsaber blades were 3D printed hollow in clear resin. I used led filaments from an Led light bulb and the circuit board from a 12V version Led bulb. They are powered by a variable adaptor at 6V.

You can also find this build on my YouTube Channel by following this link Ken Spriggs Sci-Fi Modeling


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