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1/72 Sd.Kfz 250/1 Ausf.A (Alte Ausführung)
The Sd.Kfz 250 of the earlier type with the hexagonal armoured superstructure was
one of the most widely used German armoured troop carriers of WW2. The production and its military use begun in 1941 and lasted until 1943 when it was replaced in production by the improved version known as the Sd.Kfz 250/Neue Ausf.A with a simplified armour superstructure, easier to produce. Both types remained in service until the end of the war, captured machines even later.
Our nicely detailed model brings three finish schemes. The first one portrays the machine wearing winter camouflage as seen on the Eastern Front. The second scheme option also offers an Eastern Front machine, this time in Grey overall. And the final machine of the three options brings the personal machine of 90.leichte Infanterie-Division commander General Major von Kleemann as he used it in Africa. The grey finish of this machine was locally oversprayed with sand colour. The model kit originates from MK72 moulds which we bought some time ago. When released for the first time, the model earned the Model of the Year award.

finely detailed model
three eye-catching finish options
photo etched details already in the kit

1/72 Mirage F.1 EQ/ED 
The Mirage F.1 EQ/ED is back in production – due to popular demand, but just in limited quantity. This detailed model of the EQ/ED variety of the F.1 Mirage comes with seven grey styrene sprues, one clear plastic sprue with canopy parts, it also contains a fret of photo etches and a resin cast replica of the Exocet missile with its pylon. The decal sheet offers two Iraqi machines in two different schemes, plus one Libyan and one Iranian machines.

nicely detailed model
four interesting-looking finish schemes
etches and resin parts already in the kit
limited quantity available

1/72 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3
Between 1939-40, the Messerschmitt Bf 109E was the world’s top fighter aeroplane. Perfectly trained 109E pilots, utilizing tactics developed during the Spanish Civil War, simply swept off any opponent, from Polish air force, Scandinavian countries to the air forces of the western Europe. Only the proud Albion and its Hurricanes and Spitfires managed to eliminate the sheer dominance of the Emils.
The Bf 109E-3, ie. the earlier version fitted with a rounded style canopy is now the subject of this kit, bringing as many as five various colour schemes. Four of them were flown by Luftwaffe pilots who became aces in 1940 or would become later in the war, Mölders, Priller, Bär and Hackl. All the depicted machines show the variety of paint schemes used on the Luftwaffe Emils. The styrene parts come on two runners, the clear canopy parts are offered on one sprue. The surface detail is highly realistic and finely detailed.

highly accurate model brimming with detail
easy assembly
option to show the engine compartment open
wing flaps can be positioned down and slots open
accurately designed decal sheet with a choice of five machines, with a full set of servicing stencils
pre-cut canopy and wheel masks available separately
detail resin sets available to show even more detail

Paul Tosney – Editor

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