Kevin Hoggard has finished up his diorama for this year’s Hobby Link International 2021 Star Wars GB. Here is what Kevin had to say about the build.

Here is my Bandai 1/48 scale AT-ST diorama. The Walker is painted with Vallejo Model Air in a light gray base and weathered with MIG Streaking Grime, Tamiya panel line wash, and pastel chalk.

The model is lighted with 5 SMD’s (one overhead in the cabin, 2 on the back wall, and one each on the side walls). Running the wires was challenging, but I tried to hide them the best I could by running them down the left leg.

The Stormtroopers are actually from the Star Wars Legion tabletop game. It amazed me that the cost of Stormtrooper figures at Shapeways was way out of my budget.

The base was a wooden base from Walmart, I placed air-dry modeling clay on it and painted it in different shades of brown. I used a home-built static grass applicator and applied grass. The other items in the diorama were things I had laying around. Trees are out of scale for Endor… but hey it’s all I had. Thank you to Hobbylink International for putting on this Group Build, there are some masterpieces in this build.


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