Michael Lalor has entered his Krypton Diorama in the HLI 2021 Model Of The Year Online Contest. Here is what he had to say about the build.

The diorama is based on the city seen on the planet Krypton at the beginning of Superman The Movie. Using references from the movie and some production stills of the studio model, I created this model in no particular scale, but in scale with what is seen in the movie. It’s roughly 24 x 12 inches in size.

The structure is made of a foam core skeleton and then the outer sides are constructed entirely of Evergreen styrene rods. The dome is a ceramic bearing! I added lighting to create the same effect as seen in the movie.

I don’t remember how many rods I used in this, but it was a lot. What seemed like an easy quick build took over a year to make.

I 3D printed the Superman logo and some of the ends of the “fingers”.


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