Donnie Daugherty has entered his USS Voyager in the 2021 HLI Model Of The Year Online Contest. Here is what he had to say about the build.

Kit: Monogram Voyager
Scale: ` 1/677
Paint: A combination of Krylon spray paint and Reaper Miniatures paint.
Lighting: Arduino nano, led strip lights, lighthouse LEDs, 2mm LEDs
Decals: Hda Modelworks
Group: Intermediate
Subject: Sci-fi and Fantasy Spacecraft

This is my build of the old Monogram Voyager kit. Overall it wasn’t too bad of a kit, the fit was decent and the detail was good enough for me. the main stumbling block I ran into was the deflector dish. The Revell reissue of this kit had a clear deflector, but the Monogram kit part was made of grey plastic. I didn’t really have the money for an aftermarket part so I was going to have to work with what I had. I sanded down the backside of the deflector until it was paper-thin and would allow light to shine through. I am very happy with how it turned out. This is the best looking model I have built so far but I am trying to get better.


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