Benny has entered his build of the iconic General Lee in the Hobby Link International Model Of The Year 2021 Online Contest. Here is what Benny had to say about his build.

The MPC General Lee kit is full of inaccuracies and a pretty miserable kit. With that in mind, I used the Revell 1969 charger kit for everything except the wheels and tires. those and the push bar are from the MPC.

I found a CB radio in the parts box. I scratch built the antenna and 5 note horns out of stretched sprue. The MPC decals were toast so I got a set from gopher. Good decals but very thin and easily damaged.

The dust and dirt are intentional. For the interior, I used Krylon tan. The exterior is painted with scale finishes v2 Hemi orange.

With so many 68 and 69 chargers used for the show, there’s no one single correct General Lee. There were some consistencies though. All had a roof flag and door numbers, American vector wheels, a CB, and some shade of orange. However, the only way to build a General Lee is to not use the MPC kit.


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