HLI MOTY 2021 Entry Aida Blu by Mark Buchholz

About the Model:
Scale: 1/400
Model Kit: Cruiser Ship Aida
Model Company: Revell
Skill Level: 5
Parts count: 380
Paint: Rattle can, acrylic, enamel, and top coated with Future
Lighting: Multiple led strips of varying colors, colored film in places to change lighting color, multiple LEDs of varying color and several flashing LEDs, several strands of fiber optic

When I first saw the model I knew I had to have it. The lips on the front grabbed my attention as well as just the lines of the model. Discounting breaks for moving and life in general, the kit took about a year to build (I build slow). I started the kit in Sept 2018 and moved at the end of the year which resulted in a long hiatus on the build. The umbrellas on the deck are supported by fiber optic and styrene tube to allow the light of them. Instead of light blocking the upper decks, I wanted to be able to light the decks the way the actual ship is. I, therefore, used different colored led tap to shine through the plastic in a “Raytheon” type effect. This was an awesome build and I highly recommend it to anyone that builds cruise ships.


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