Jeff Pollozzitto has entered his HMS Sojourner in the 2021 HLI Model Of The Year Online Contest. Here is what he had to say about it.


Scratch built Steampunk airship
The Airship was built in N scale

This is my own design Steampunk Airship I built recently. It was built with styrene, it is based on a
Vacuum formed hull of my own design. It took over 8 months to build and has been featured in Fine Scale Modeler magazine. It’s painted exclusively in Tamiya acrylics and it’s mounted on my own wood and brass etched base.

The lift tanks are from a Peterbilt 1/32 tanker truck kit. The three rotary engines are Roden Gnome Monosoupape 9B 1/32 scale kits converted to pusher status.

The boilers are made from parts from the Pegasus Chemical Plant kit. Everything else is scratch built.


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