John Morris has entered his diorama in the Hobby Link International 2021 Model Of The Year Online Contest. Here is what John had to say about his build.

Here is my Diorama of “The Lady Be Good” was a B-24D that was found in the Libyan Desert by a team of geologists looking for oil. It’s a 1/48th scale Monogram Revell Kit that was copied from pictures that were taken at the site and the diorama made by Shep Paine. The model itself was built from the box, cut up at the breakpoints, buried into the base with scratch-built aft and mid-deck interiors, and the number 1 engine missing. the scratch-built details used evergreen styrene, solder, and guitar string details. Tamiya paints were used along with Testors enamels. The rotting fabric on the ice boots on the leading edges of the wings is Squadron Putty that was laid out flat to harden and glued on. The decals are actually hand-painted except for the stars on the rear fuselage. The base is a large picture frame with a masonite base with celluclay groundwork. It took about a year on and off of work to complete.


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