Bandai Labo series V4X Hatsune Miku.

Stepped out of my comfort zone to build a full anime figure and the Bandai Labo Hatsune Miku fit my bill. I was going to build it strictly out of the box but decided to do a little tinkering to make it my own. Her hair is kit plastic highlighted with Tamiya clear pearl and Folkart Colorshift dragonfly glaze. Her skin is kit plastic but has been matte clear coated with Krylon and the inner lip area highlighted with peach/red mix craft acrylic. The eyes and lips are glossed over with Testors windowmaker for some shine. Her blouse/shirt has been lightly weathered, some accents added with Vallejo blue/green and matte cleared. The outer skirt and forearm sleeves are kit plastic cleared with Tamiya clear to simulate shiny black latex. The underskirt layers are also kit plastic hit with matte clear. The leg hose was done in nato black with the upper band left kit plastic. Shoes are kit plastic hit with Tamiya clear and Vallejo mecha metallic red for was used the jewels. The accents in her forearm sleeves, shoes, and knees are again the Vallejo blue/green. Her nails are shined up with the Testors windowmaker. All in all, a very nice and fun kit to build and it went together without a hitch.

Chuck Brooks


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