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1/48 Heinkel He 115 B
The Heinkel He 115 was a German reconnaissance, torpedo-bomber and mine layer floatplane. Before the war, it held several world records. It was produced in a couple of versions and was also exported to Sweden, Norway and later also to Finland. This is also the reason why the type fought on both sides of the conflict during the 1940 attack on Norway. And now, we are re-releasing this machine which was in service mainly in the first half of the war.
The model also contains resin detail parts and photo etches and the decals cater for three German machines, first of which operated oved the North Sea wearing a camouflage scheme adapted for flying at night. The two more machines were seen over Scandinavia, one of them in a scheme with added white mottles for winter operations.

interesting schemes
detail resin parts and etches already in the kit
just limited quantity of this re-released model

1/72 SIAI-Marchetti SF-260M/AM/W
The Italian SF-260 trainer, aerobatic and light sports aircraft is used world wide. In Europe, it has been operated by the Italian and Belgian air forces as well as by the Irish Air Corps.
The model is laid out to five styrene sprues including a clear one with the early, no so bulged canopy hood. Colour schemes and decals for Italian, Belgian and Irish M, AM and W version machines are provided. Later machines of so-called second generation known as the SF-260EA/D with larger canopy hood are in the making now too and will be offered in another boxing.
The decal sheet bring markings for a Belgian anniversary machine, an Italian of similar significance and for one standard Irish SF-260, which on the other hand can boost with some underwing armament carried on two pylons.

eye-catching schemes
decals containing full sets of stencils, each of the machines have their own and nation-specific
compared with other already existing kits of the type, we offer nice and crisp surface detail and parts and also the correct type of the canopy
a pre-cut canopy painting masks also available – separately

1/72 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4
The Messerchmitt Bf 109 is simply one of the synonyms for a proper fighter plane. A plane, which remained in service from 1936 until as long as 1954 with military of many a country.
It fought in the front line of the Spanish Civil War, saw the end of the war over Europe. The E version, or Emil as it is colloquially know, was the first of 109s to be powered by a DB 601 engine. It is unmistakably connected with the outbreak of the war, the attack on Poland, the Blitz over Western Europe, with operations over Scandinavia. The pinnacle of the career of the Emils was arguably the Battle of Britain, only to be followed in the significance by the type´s deployment over the Balkans, Africa and Malta. Until 1941, the 109Es had been the very best of fighter planes in service, along with the British Spitfire.
This month´s hot topic is the cannon-armed version, the Bf 109E-4, model cat.no. SH72439. The kit bring schemes of two German fighter aces, G.Schopfel and H.Wick who, flying from bases in Western Europe, took part in the Battle of Britain. The kit also contains two more options, these being Emils as operated over the Balkans a year later. Decals of Wick´s machine contain also the fuselage camouflage mottles consisting of a myriad of tiny brush-made blotches. The kit parts are laid out into two grey styrene sprues and one with clear parts. The kit offer the option to build the Emil either with the engine and fuselage machine guns cover panels open or closed. The wing flaps and slats can be posed in the down position, ailerons offer the option as well

highly accurate and extremely detailed model
easy build
option to display the engine in the open nose section
flaps and slats can be posed open too
accurate decals for four schemes, including full set of stencils
separately available are clear part and wheel painting masks
more detail sets being prepared

1/48 Harrier T.Mk.12 Conversion set
Conversion set enabling the modeller to use Hasegawa GR.7 Harrier and build it into the two-seat Harrier T.12 version. The set contains resin cast detail parts, etches, vacuum-formed canopy hoods and a sheet of decals for two British options.

Paul Tosney – Editor

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