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A few years ago, Round 2 released a pre-assembled Space: 1999 1:48 22-inch Eagle 2 Transporter (kit number MPC917). It was pre-decorated and finished, and all anyone had to do was slide the various assemblies into place for a complete build ready to be displayed. Although not so much meant for scale modellers, it was aimed at genre collectors, and it did well. Now Round 2 is ready to dip its toes back into that pool but this time for Star Trek fans with a pre-assembled U.S.S. Discovery (kit number POL979)!

  • 1:2500 scale
  • 12-inches (304.8 mm) long model that is perfect for a bookshelf or desktop display
  • Fully decorated with accurate colors and aztec patterns
  • 4 parts total which includes snap-together display stand
  • Unique “window box” that allows two-way viewing from top and bottom of the ship if one decides not to take the model out of the package
  • $121.99 U.S.D. MSRP
  • November / December 2020 release

Check out the official images below!

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