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Fans of the original, classic 1972 anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (or the 1978 adaptation “Battle of the Planets” to the Western world) rejoice! Academy Plastic Model will be releasing a brand new tooled kit of the God Phoenix in December 2020!

  • “NEWTRO” (New + Retro) design where new, modernized, and reinterpreted design elements are incorporated into the classic God Phoenix to provide greater detail than what was ever seen in the TV series
  • All G Machines – G1 Mecha fighter jet, G2 Mecha race car, G3 Mecha motorcycle, and G4 Mecha tank – are included
  • Bird Missiles and Super Bird Missiles included
  • Complete landing gear assemblies
  • Detailed VTOL (vertical take-off) system
  • Position-able wings
  • Parts molded in color
  • Clear pieces to recreate Firebird Mode
  • LED module to light upper dome and rear engine area
  • Display base included
  • Price TBA
  • December 2020 release

Check out the images below as well as video links!

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Academy teaser YouTube video:

Academy reveal YouTube video:

TechCafe discussing the kit with Academy (in Korean):


  1. I got this kit, and it’s pretty great, but mine seems to have had a few issues. It didn’t have an LED light kit, and indeed the instructions don’t mention it, and one of the rear thruster parts refuses to slot onto the clear “glow” effect part. It’s also rather finnicky with tolerances, so be aware of that and get as much of the sprue off the parts as you canif you pick this up.
    In the positives column it looks fantastic, the multiple options for display almost warrant buying 2 of them, and it’s bigger than I expected.


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