Review: U-Boot im Focus 19


U-Boot im Focus a specialized publication about German submarines in the Second World War.

With the support of archives, private collectors and well-known experts in the field, the series is issued three times per year. Most of the photos that illustrate each edition have never before been published, and they are supplemented by informative captions and well-researched articles on all aspects of U-boat operations. The focus of our articles is on lesser-known facts and events. Each edition, therefore, offers the reader exclusive reading material and unique illustrations. The illustrations are of generous size and the highest quality, printed on glossy paper.

The magazine is printed on 52 high-quality glossy pages and the text is in both German and English and the quality of the English translation is perfect. The photographs are all of good quality and never before published.

The magazine starts as usual with an editorial from the editor. Here Axel lets us know about the impacts COVID has had on the business before moving onto a topic where he is asking the readers for help. A lot of U-Boats had partnerships with cities in Germany, Austria and the Protectorate. Axel has found evidence of 138 such partnerships and is asking if anyone knows of any others or details about the 138 such as events and memorabilia.

Next, we get into the content of the magazine itself. The subjects of the various topics are

  • 50 pages, 61 photos – thereof 4 in colour, 1 coloured conning tower front view, 1 coloured document, 3 coloured maps, reader’s forum

  • Photos with a story: U-94 in Action with Wolfpack Hecht. The first capture of an Allied merchant ship captain

  • Commanders: Kptlt. Nicolai „Nico“ Clausen (U-129)

  • Conning Towers: U-955 and the Teddy Bear from the Reeperbahn

  • Unusual: Gift of a Book for a Courageous Diver

  • Fates: Bay of Biscay 1944 – Rescued by a Luftwaffe Air-Sea Rescue Aircraft. The fortunate rescue of the survivors of U-970

  • Scenery: A Nap on the Wave Deflector

  • Colour Photos: Bridge Watch in the “Little Seal”

  • SponsorCities: The Matter of Sponsorship. An experiment in reader participation Pennants: The Popular Sinking Pennant

  • As well as photos of U-28, U-47, U-230 and U-305

Another great bunch of previously unseen photos, with excellent commentaries.

If you’re interested in the Kriegsmarine at all, then this magazine is of special interest to you and highly recommended.

The best way to get these is via the subscriptions that are available here. The publisher now offers free shipping within Germany.

Paul Tosney – Editor
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