Happy Halloween all…I’m excited to show you my completed Halloween build of Mr. Freeze. I was hoping to have this up on my channel by early morning but had to make some final edits. Here’s the link to part 2 of the build:
This is a sculpt that was created using my Elegoo Mars printer and a file I found on CGtrader designed by Expecto. I printed the maximum size allowable with the Mars and the figure ended up being 8″ from head to toe, 9″ if you include the ice gun. The paint scheme was influenced by what was seen in the 1990s animated series, Although the figure isn’t a replica of anything we’ve seen on screen it retains all of the elements of the character and I really love the design. The LEDs used to illuminate the figure worked out well. Translucent resin was used to allow for lighting. I wish the helmet could be clearer but this was the best I could do. Will be trying to improve this part of the sculpt. For the display base I used Flora Craft’s Smooth finish to create the snow as well as crystals that were also printed using files from thingiverse. Lastly, I also added a soundboard which features quotes from the Animated Series. Overall I am very pleased with the final results here. Check out the video, also included at the end is a short slide show of other Halloween themed builds submitted by fellow modelers. Outstanding work by them. Have a great day everyone.

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I've been building models since I was age 10. I've kind of gone in and out of the hobby through the years because of schooling and career but now that I'm pretty well settled in, I've been building pretty regularly over the last 4-5 years. Although I've built some WWII ships and planes in the past, I now mainly build sci-fi ships. My favorite subjects have been Star Trek and Star Wars but also have built many from 60s-70s sci-fi TV. A couple of yrs ago I started a Youtube channel just to put in my 2 cents and give advice. Surprisingly it hit 1M in 2017 views and still growing. I enjoy scale modeling as it provides an escape from daily stresses and routines. It also has been a great way to stay in touch with my childhood memories and simpler times. I must add that I have met some really great people since becoming active online in the modeling community and I look forward to continue my contribution to the hobby.


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