Hasegawa Dec 2020 Releases


Mitsubishi F-2A
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… PT27
Release date …… Around December 09, 2020

Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopter-mounted escort ship Kaga
Scale … 1: 700
Part number ……… 032
Release date …… Around December 10, 2020
Model length … 356mm
Model width … 73mm

The kit is a parts configuration that aims to achieve both “precision” and “ease of assembly”. Various vehicles and two carrier-based aircraft MCH-101 and SH-60K are included. As a bonus, MV-22 (2 machines) and new F-35 (4 machines) parts are included.
Mr. Kato is in charge of the package illustration.

Additional plastic parts
F-35 (2 types, normal and VTOL: 4 aircraft in total)
Flight deck
Superstructure panels, etc.

Product Specifications
DDH-184 4th Escort Corps Group 4th Escort Corps Affiliation (Kure Base)

F-104J Starfighter “Air Self-Defense Force”
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… PT18
Release date …… Around December 05, 2020

T-33A Shooting Star w / Towing Vehicle
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 02363
Release date …… Around December 16, 2020
Model length … 160mm
Model width … 177mm

Air Self-Defense Force training aircraft T-33A and tow vehicle set!
The parts color of the towing vehicle is yellow.

Decal (marking)

Air Self-Defense Force 1st Air Wing 33rd Education Squadron Affiliated aircraft “240” (Hamamatsu base)
Air Self-Defense Force 1st Air Wing 33rd Education Squadron Affiliated aircraft “277” (Hamamatsu base)

C-130H Hercules “Air Self-Defense Force Combo”
Scale … 1: 200
Part number ……… 10699
Release date …… Around December 23, 2020

From the C-130 belonging to the 1st Transport Air Corps of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, a set of two low-visit camouflage light blue and normal camouflage aircraft.
The molding color is light blue for one machine and gray for the other. The decal also reproduces the mark commemorating the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Komaki base.

Decal (marking)
401st Squadron affiliation aircraft “084” “071” “077” “085” (Komaki base: October 2009)
401st Squadron affiliation aircraft “073” “074” “075” (Komaki base: October 2009)

Pkw.K1 Kübelwagen Type 82 (balloon tire) w / Blonde Girls Figure
Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… SP473
Release date …… Around December 23, 2020
Model length … 161.5mm
Model width … 67.5mm

Kübelwagen and sexy blonde girl resin figure set

Resin parts
1/24 Blonde Girls Figure

Decal (marking)
German Army 999th African Light Division 999th Armored Reconnaissance Battalion Armored Car Company Affiliated vehicle
“WH-1381622” (Greece: 1943)

Nakajima Ki-84 Type 4 Fighter Gale “Flight 73rd Squadron”
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… 07501
Release date …… Around December 17, 2020
Model length … 207mm
Model width … 234mm

Reproduce the aircraft deployed in the 73rd Flight Squadron!
The 73rd Flight Squadron, founded in 1944. He took on an air defense mission in the Kanto area and then participated in the Luzon Air Operations.
The main aircraft Gale has a three-line squadron mark on the vertical stabilizer.

Decal (marking)

Japanese Army Flight 73rd Squadron Hiroshi Shimizu Ensign “327” (Tokorozawa Airfield November 1944)
Japanese Army Flight 73rd Squadron Affiliated Aircraft “62” (Tokorozawa Airfield November 1944)

F-15DJ Eagle “Fighter Training Group 20th Anniversary”
Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 02362
Release date …… Around December 17, 2020
Number of parts … 142
Model length … 267mm
Model width … 179mm

Flight Education Air Corps 20th Anniversary Painting Machine!
The Fighter Training Group, which was established in 2000, and the 23rd Flying Training Squadron, which was organized under its subordinates, will celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.

Decal (marking)

Air Self-Defense Force Flight Education Air Corps 23rd Squadron 20th Anniversary Painting Machine “054”
(Nittahara Base August 2020)

Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Akagi “Attack on Pearl Harbor”
Scale … 1: 700
Part number ……… SP474
Release date …… Around December 26, 2020
Number of parts … 225
Model length … 372.5mm
Model width … 60mm

Tora Tora Tora! This is a limited edition kit that comes with a special patch . The emblem is an embroidery type with a width of about 110 mm and a length of about 90 mm.
* Detailed design is subject to change.

Product Specifications
Combined Fleet 1st Air Fleet 1st Air Fleet (December 8, 1941)

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