Hobby Link International – 2020 Halloween Group Build

The Bride of Frankenstein
Horizon – 1/6 Polyvinyl – HM003 – Manufactured 1988

I got this kit from eBay, on the Halloween offseason, for pretty cheap. The model is designed with moveable arms and head, but I decided to glue the arms in place.

The whole thing was washed and primed with Stynylrez gray primer, which I think is the best choice for polyvinyl since enamels and other harsh solvents can attack the material.

The gown was base-coated with a mixed off-white Stynylrez and the folds highlighted using plain white. The laces were painted using Vallejo Leather Brown.

The bandages were painted with craft acrylics. Apple Barrel Country Gray for the basecoat, Concrete Gray, and Pavement for washes and then a dry brushing of Granite Gray. Both the bandages and gown were sealed with a Krylon Satin and then a light dry dusting of Krylon UV Matte clear.

The face was primed a second time with Stynylrez white, and then base coated with Vallejo Game Air Pale Flesh. The hair was base coated with Vallejo Chocolate Brown, a darker wash, and then several dry brushings, adding more and more Vallejo German Red Brown each time. The whole head was then sealed with Mecha Color Satin Varnish. Abteilung 502 flesh colored oils were used for the shade and highlights on the face, then sealed again with satin varnish. The final details were then painted with acrylics and sealed with Vallejo Matte Varnish. The eyes and lips were re-glossed and the whole thing was assembled.

I couldn’t find very many pictures or videos of this kit built, and for most of those that I did, the model generally looked in a rough shape, probably due to its age. A couple of builds replaced the head with the one from the Billikin vinyl kit, I suppose to make it more accurate. I think I was able to get the look of Elsa Lanchester however. As is the case with most vinyl kits, it’s all about the paint job.

And not to toot my own horn too much, but this was the first face I’ve ever tried to paint.

Spencer Wolfe
Proud member of Hobby Link International



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