Armory 1/144 Su-24M Ukrainian modern “pixel” camo


The Sukhoi Su-24 is a supersonic, all-weather attack aircraft developed in the Soviet Union and entered service in 1975. The aircraft has a variable-sweep wing, twin-engines and a side-by-side seating arrangement for its crew of two. It was the first of the USSR’s aircraft to carry an integrated digital navigation/attack system. It remains in service with the Russian Air Force, Syrian Air Force, Ukrainian Air Force, Azerbaijan Air Force and various air forces to which it was exported. About 1,400 Su-24s were produced

The kit comes in a fully enclosed corrugated cardboard box with a thin cardboard cover over the top. All the plastic parts are inside a resealable bag with the resin parts in there as well inside their own resealable bag. The PE fret has a cardboard backing sheet. The packaging is very good. In the box we have:

  • plastic parts – 126 plus 5 clear parts
  • photoetched parts – 108
  • resin parts – 3
  • 2 small decal sheet
  • 6 page black and white assembly guide
  • full colour 2-page glossy paper painting/decal guide

The kit is built in 19 steps over 4 pages.

Page 1 covers the cockpit and the front of the aircraft. You have resin flying controls in the cockpit and decal sheets for the instrument panels. The nose of the aircraft is split top[ and bottom and the nose cone is separate so you can add nose weight easily. You have the option of installing the refueling probe in the extended position.

Page 2 starts with assembling the tail before adding it to the upper half of the fuselage. You also add the wings in either the swept or extended positions. The wings won’t move after you’ve installed them. You then add the lower half of the fuselage with the air intakes and the resin engine exhausts.

Page 3 is about the undercarriage and external stores. The undercarriage legs and wheels are nicely detailed for this scale. You get quite a selection of stores including a refueling pod, drop tanks, cruise missiles, AA missiles, and 38 bombs. A lot of the PE parts are used in the stores.

Page 4 just shows three options for underwing stores, although of course, you could make our own decisions.

The painting guide uses Humbrol, Hataka, and AK Interactive references and there is just one decal option in the box, the Ukrainian pixel camouflage.

  • White 41, Ukrainian Air Force, Lutsk AB, May 2016

This kit is available direct from us here with free shipping. We also sell the other Su-24M kits from Armory. We aim to be as competitive as possible with the pricing.

Conclusion: This is a nice little kit with quite a few build options and an interesting camouflage scheme.

Paul Tosney – Editor
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