Hasegawa Oct 2020 Releases


Hasegawa Oct 2020 ReleasesSBD-3 Dauntless “Midway 1942”
Scale : 1:48
Product number: 07498
Release date: About October 08, 2020
Number of parts : 83
Model length : 204mm
Model width … 263 mm

Reproduce the VB-6 belonging machine that attacked Nagumo Mobile Task Force!

At the Midway Battle, US MTF Enterprise, Hornet, and Yorktown attack aircraft stormed at Nagumo MTF. According to a report from Captain Tomonaga who made the first attack on Midway Island, the Nagumo Mobile Task Force was replacing the attack squad waiting with torpedo equipment with bomb equipment …

Decal (marking)
6th bomber squadron equipped with aircraft carrier USS Enterprise “B1” (June 1942)

Hasegawa Oct 2020 ReleasesF/A-18E Super Hornet
Scale : 1:72
Part number: E19
Release date: About October 08, 2020
The F/A-18E Super Hornet is the US Navy’s most advanced jet fighter/attack aircraft.

This machine is based on F/A-18C and has undergone a major upgrade. As for the appearance features, the size of the aircraft and the angular intake shape are noticeable first, but in reality the entire aircraft is made up of a new design different from the C type, improving flight performance and armament loading capacity. In addition, the aircraft has been finished with future development potential.

The E type is a single-seat type aircraft.

The kit newly develops parts around the windshield to reproduce the single seat type.
Accurately express the shape of Super Hornet. We fully expressed the sharp lines of the latest machines. Equipped with tank tank, AIM-9X side winder, AIM-120C AMRAAM.

Decal (marking)
US Navy USS Nimitz 14th Battle Attack Squadron “Top Hatters” CAG machine “NH200
USS Abraham Lincoln equipped 115th combat attack squadron “Eagles” CAG machine “NK200”

Hasegawa Oct 2020 ReleasesIJN destroyer Shimakaze “Battle off Mariana”
Scale : 1:350
Product number : 40102
Release date: About October 15, 2020
Number of parts : 227
Model length : 370mm
Model width : 33 mm

A kit of the figure during the Battle of Mariana offshore, which performed the escort mission of the 2nd Fleet!
Product Specifications
The 2nd Torpedo Squadron At the Battle of Mariana (June 1944)

Hasegawa Oct 2020 ReleasesNorthwest Airlines Boeing 747-200
Scale : 1:200
Product number : 10840
Release date: About October 17, 2020 B
Number of parts : 61
Model length : 350mm
Model width … 298 mm

Reproduce the late marking machine of Northwest Airlines.
The body part color is “white”.
An exhibition stand is included.

Decal (marking)
Northwest Airlines “N624US” “N637US” “N638US” (late paint)

Hasegawa Oct 2020 ReleasesIJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi Full Hull Version
Scale : 1:700
Product number : CH117
Release date: About October 17, 2020
Number of parts : 222
Model length : 372.5mm
Model width … 60 mm

Newly developed ship bottom parts are added to reproduce the full hull state!
The basic ship bottom parts are integrally molded! The girder parts are inserted inside, and the parts around the bilge keel and the screw are separate parts. Includes wooden display base and aluminum name plate! By incorporating the separately sold “Akagi Detail Up Parts Set (Part No.: 30036)”, it is possible to finish it in full detail.

Additional plastic parts
Ship bottom parts

Metal parts
Mantlet parts

Product Specifications
Combined Fleet 1st Air Fleet 1st Air Squadron (1941)

Hasegawa Oct 2020 ReleasesNakajima B5N2 Type 97 No. 3 ship attack aircraft “Midway 1942”
Scale : 1:48
Item No .: 07499
Release date: About October 22, 2020
Number of parts : 109
Model length : 215mm
Model width … 323 mm

Selectable with 250kg bomb/with torpedo!

Captain Tomonaga, who was the commander of the 1st / 3rd attack squadron in the Midway Naval Battle, was a ground attack on Midway island in the first attack equipped with a bomb, and an aircraft carrier Yorktown in the third attack equipped with a torpedo. Attacked.

Decal (marking)
Aircraft carrier Hiryu 1st/3rd attack corps commander Captain Tomonaga Takeshi Captain “BI-310” (June 4-5, 1942)

Hasegawa Oct 2020 ReleasesV-22 Osprey “Ground Self Defense Force Transport Air Corps”
Scale : 1:72
Product number: 02359
Release date: October 29, 2020 Body price : 4200 yen (+consumption tax) Model length : 245.5mm Model width : 339mm

Reproduce the GSDF specification Osprey!

JGSDF deployment machine The unique equipment is to set the antenna fairing with resin parts and the towel bar type antenna with etching parts.

Resin parts
Antenna fairing

Etching parts
Towel bar antenna

Decal (marking)
Ground Self-Defense Force Transport Air Corps belonging machine “91701” “91702” “91703” “91705”

Hasegawa Oct 2020 ReleasesRosenbauer Panther 6×6 Airport chemical fire engine “Aviation Bureau”
Scale : 1:72
Product number: SP468
Release date: About November 04, 2020

Reproduce the chemical fire engine operated by the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism!

The base cover of the water gun is set with new plastic parts. The exterior parts of the water tank in the center of the car body are selectable in two shapes. There are 5 parts colors: red, black, dark gray, light gray, and clear. Seated figure (driver/passenger passenger) is included.

Additional plastic parts
Water gun base cover

Decal (marking)
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Aviation Bureau Haneda Airport belonging car “4”
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Aviation Bureau “8”

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