Special Hobby Aug 2020 Update


Special Hobby Aug 2020 Update1/72 SAAB B-5 ‘Swedish Dive Bomber’
The Northrop A-17 was a US dive bomber aeroplane which saw service not just with the USAAF but it also proved to be an export success in the pre-war era. A low-wing monoplane of modern all metal construction was operated by many nations, it was also licence-produced in Sweden, which had required the type to be fitted with the British Mercury power plant and ski undercarriage was to be the option, too, for flying in winter conditions.
This kit has been created the same way as the original was, ie.by adapting the A-17 type. So, it contains resin parts, vacuum-formed canopy and two frets of etches (pre-coloured and a plain one) The decal sheets brings markings for three Swedish machines in various styles of camouflage patterns.

Decals with three Swedish marking and colour options
Contains resin parts, pre-coloured and plain etches
Two styles of the undercarriage, with wheels and skis, both used on the type.

Special Hobby Aug 2020 Update1/72 Vega 5 ‘Lady Lindy’
In the early 1930s, the Lockheed Vega became a true star of long range record flights and was also used in fast passenger and goods transport. The Vega was the type that successfully circumnavigated the globe and made its mark in the world of women’s records. Several women pilots flew the Vega, the most famous of whom arguably was Amelia Earhart, who became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Her red Vega with golden trims served her well also in coast to coast transcontinental crossing of the USA. The machine is now put on display in the Smithsonian Institute.

A machine with highly interesting record history
Cartograf-printed sheet of decals offer nice rendition of the gold cheat lines

Special Hobby Aug 2020 Update1/72 Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I ‘WWII Service’
The Sea Otter amphibian biplane was put into the service with both the RAF and FAA during the war years. The type was a succesor to the well-known and almost iconic Walrus, it was the last Supermarine-made biplane and was also destined to become the very last biplane type to be introduced to the service of both forces. It mainly flew in the reconnaissance and air-sea rescue roles.
The kit comes on four styrene sprues joined by one made of clear plastic. The kit also offers resin detail parts and photo etches. The decals cater for three FAA machines, one as flown in the Pacific, two seen in Europe

A model of a British amphibian flying boat
Decals for three WW2 British options
Resin and etches contained


Paul Tosney – Editor

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