Special Hobby July 2020 Update


Special Hobby July 2020 Update1/72 Short Sunderland Mk.III ‘U-Boat Killers’

A model of one of the most famous flying boats in history. The Sunderland Mk.III was a war version. It was introduced into service at the turn of 1941-42. It had a modified step on the float part of the fuselage compared to older versions and carried armament in rotating towers. Thanks to its range and strong armament, it was a dangerous enemy and hunter of German submarines and was able to effectively defend itself from long-range Luftwaffe fighters. This is also evidenced by the machines selected for the offer of decals and camouflage. Two of the four selected machines have a submarine sinking. One machine defended itself against the attack of eight Ju 88s (three shot down).

model of a British flying boat in an anti-submarine variant
decals offers three British (1x Canadian, 2x Australian Squadron) and one French machine
very detailed interior
paneling corresponding to the scale

Special Hobby July 2020 Update

1/72 SB2A-4 Buccaneer ‘US Marines Bomber’

During World War II, Brewster designed the SB2A dive bomber designed primarily for aircraft carriers. This bomber, produced in several versions, was used only for training. A version with the combat name Bermuda was produced for the British. A similar version was ordered by the Dutch East Indies Air Force (ML-KNIL), but was not delivered. The Dutch East Indies capitulated. The SB2A-3 version was used by the US Navy and the version offered by this cover, the SB2A-4 was used by the US Marines. The decals are offered by three US Marines machines, in two-color and three-color camouflage, and one fictitious machine in the colors of the ML-KNIL air force.

American dive bomber
the SB2A-4 version was used by the Marines
decals offered by three US Marines machines and one fictitious machine machine of the Dutch East Indies Air Force (which wanted to buy these machines)
contains resin parts and etchings


Special Hobby July 2020 Update

1/48 Reggiane Re 2000 Serie I

Reggiane Re 2000 participated in the competition for a standard fighter of the Italian Air Force on the eve of World War II. Although he offered high performances, he was not selected. Re 2000 machines were mainly exported, but Regia Aeronautica decided to test this type. She deployed him combat mainly in dangerous actions against the island of Malta.
The model contains four frames of moldings and a frame of clear parts. The molding of the wing comes from the Cl model. Airframes, the others are new, small parts are molded from metal molds.

Italian fighter jet from World War II
three interesting machines in Italian spotted camouflage
for the model we offer separately sold resin sets and masks (directly in this newsletter)

Special Hobby July 2020 UpdateSpecial Hobby July 2020 UpdateSpecial Hobby July 2020 UpdateSpecial Hobby July 2020 UpdateSpecial Hobby July 2020 UpdateSpecial Hobby July 2020 UpdateSpecial Hobby July 2020 Update

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