Hasegawa Sep 2020 Releases


Hasegawa Sep 2020 ReleasesAJ-37 Viggen “Natural Metal 2016”
Scale : 1:72
Item No .: 02232
Release date: About September 05, 2020
Number of parts : 55
Model length : 221mm
Model width … 145 mm

The Viggen was developed as a successor to Draken, and is currently giving its seat to Gripen.
The kit reproduces a natural metal aircraft belonging to the Swedish private organization “SwAFHF” that preserves historically important domestically produced aircraft.
Viggen has been in production for a long time.

Decal (marking)
Swedish Air Force Historic Flight Affiliation Machine “7-52” (SE-DXN)

Hasegawa Sep 2020 ReleasesKawasaki T-4 “Blue Impulse 2020 (60th Anniversary)
Scale : 1:72
Product number: 02356
Release date: September 09, 2020
Model length : 181mm
Model width : 138mm

Reproduce the latest marking with the 60th anniversary mark!

60 years have passed since the formation of Blue Impulse in 1960. The latest edition with the 60th anniversary mark on the intake. The body part color is white. Set the decals for the machine numbers from 1 to 6.

Decal (marking)
JASDF Blue Impulse

Hasegawa Sep 2020 ReleasesSR-71A Blackbird w/D-21B Drone
Scale : 1:72
Product number: 02041
Release date: September 10, 2020
Number of parts : 51
Model length : 472mm
Model width : 236 mm

A kit of the Blackbird that was operated as the launching aircraft of the drone D-21.
The decal is a marking that assumes the combination of SR-71A and D-21B and is a black body. The other type is the marking applied to the predecessor of the SR-71A, M-21, which is painted in silver and black, and is a model tested at the Graeme Lake Air Force Base (Area 51).

Decal (marking)
US Air Force test aircraft “17950” (marked marking)
US Air Force Test Machine “06940”

Hasegawa Sep 2020 ReleasesF-4EJ Kai Super Phantom “301SQ Phantom Forever 2020”
Scale : 1:48
Product number: 07496
Release date: About September 10, 2020
Number of parts … 132
Model total length … 402mm
Model full width … 244 mm

Farewell Phantom!
Blue ver. depicting the spook will be released on 1/48 scale.

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force 7th Air Wing 301st Squadron F-4 Retirement Commemorative Painting Machine “436” (Hundori Base: 2020)

Hasegawa Sep 2020 ReleasesJapanese Navy battleship Yamato “80th anniversary of launch”
Scale : 1:450
Product number : SP466
Release date: About September 16, 2020
Number of parts : 282
Model length : 585mm
Model width … 91 mm

The 80th anniversary commemoration kit of the battleship Yamato launch , which comes with a specially made “Hirihoken Tenugui” & A2 poster !

Privilege 1: “Non-Rikyo Tenten” Tenugui It is said that the flag “Non-Ryoten Ten” was put up in Yamato during Operation Tenichi. The size of the towel is 900 x 340 mm.
Bonus 2: A2 size package illustration poster

Product Specifications
2nd Fleet of the Combined Fleet Flagship (1945)

Hasegawa Sep 2020 ReleasesType 94 No. 1 surface reconnaissance plane & Type 0 surface reconnaissance plane type 11 “Ominato Air Corps”
Scale : 1:72
Product number: 02357
Release date: About September 17, 2020

Reproduce the water reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the Ominato Air Corps!

A set of two types, Type 94 No. 1 surface reconnaissance plane and Type 0 surface reconnaissance plane 11 .

Decal (marking)
Type 94 No. 1 surface reconnaissance aircraft: Ominato Navy Air Corps belonging machine “Omi-6”, 1 other machine
Type-0 surface reconnaissance aircraft type 11: Ominato Navy Air Corps belonging machine “Omi-5”, 1 other machine

Hasegawa Sep 2020 ReleasesIJN Destroyer Minun (Ashiashio type) Full Hull Special
Scale : 1:700
Product number : CH126
Release date: About September 26, 2020
Model length : 169mm

A deluxe version with ship bottom parts (new mold), high-grade etching, aluminum name plate and wooden pedestal added!

Additional plastic parts
Ship bottom parts

Etching parts
Bridge roof with window frame, chimney rain shelter grid, ventilation tower nets, handrails, ladders, watertight doors, torpedo storage, drop machine for parabens, bomb loaders, ammunition boxes, skid beams, etc.

Product Specifications
9th Destroyer Affiliation (February 1943)

Hasegawa Sep 2020 Releases

F-4J Phantom II “VF-84 Jolly Rogers Super Detail”
Scale : 1:48
Product number: CH44
Release date: About September 25, 2020
Model length : 370mm
Model width : 244mm

Reproduce the VF-84 Phantom II, which is famous for the skull emblem.
-Detailed parts have been added to enhance the sense of precision , centering around the cockpit and legs . In addition, the VF-84 emblem patch (embroidery type made of cloth: size is 9 cm up and down) is included!

Instrument panel backside cords

Etching parts
Instrument panel
Canopy frame parts, etc.

Metal parts
Inner wall of cockpit
Back of instrument panel
Canopy frame parts

Decal (marking)
U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt equipped
84th combat squadron “Jolly Rogers” CAG machine “AE200” (1972)

Hasegawa Sep 2020 ReleasesF-35 Draken “Red Draken”
Scale : 1:48
Product number: 07495
Release date: About September 25, 2020
Number of parts : 117
Model length : 321.5mm
Model width … 198.5mm

The 725 squadron’s 40th anniversary painter was unveiled in 1991!

A bright red draken with a large dragon illustration of the squadron emblem on the underside of the aircraft is reproduced. The kit includes the RF-35 nose and instrument panel parts. The reconnaissance camera windows on the left and right of the nose will be covered with paint.

Decal (marking)
Danish Air Force 725th Squadron 40th Anniversary Painting Machine “725” (1991)

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