Golden Age Green Lantern

This figure is the Alan Scott Golden Age era Green Lantern which was designed by Jody Reimers on Facebook. I printed the whole thing on my Epax X10 resin printer. The resin used was the Elegoo water washable grey resin and the Elegoo regular green translucent resin for the pieces to be internally illuminated. These lit pieces were the lens cover on the base and the lantern battery.

For the paints on the figure I used regular acrylic craft paints for the flesh, satin, and metallic finishes. I then used crafters gemstones for the symbol on his chest and for the ring to give it more a shiny reflective finish.

For the base I used Alclad paints with applying a gloss black base, a bright silver coating on top of that, and then with an emerald candy-coat followed by a gloss coating to seal it all.

Once everything was printed and painted I then turned into figuring out to light up the lantern battery and the base. I didn’t want to have to plug in anything for lighting so I found some miniature battery-operated LED puck lights for the battery and a larger puck light for the base that also runs on a battery and is remote-controlled as well.

Overall I’m really happy with how it came out.

– Omar Baez


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