TOS Enterprise

Star Trek TOS USS Enterprise NCC-1701 1:650 Scale from AMT

I started and completed this model in 2018. I modified the kit adding lights, sound, and aftermarket parts from JT-Graphics. There are 52 LED’s inside the model for window, navigation, and Bussard lighting. I invented my own Bussard lighting which I call “Shadow Bussards”. By sequencing LED’s in the Bussard to shine on a static photo-etched rotor, it creates a rotor shadow that simulates motion. An Arduino board controls the Bussard and navigation lights. I installed a generic soundboard and downloaded an MP3 file to it for the sound effects. The base and display case I made with off the shelf items from Home Depot.

Video showing the lights and sound of the model can be seen on my YouTube channel at the following links.

Finished model video:

Bussard overview:

Bussard in progress build:

Due to the limitations of my camera, the Bussard motion does not look as good on camera as in person. Reduced exposure to show the Bussard rotor shadow also makes the Bussard lighting appear more purple than the actual red/orange seen in some of the other pictures.

By Dennis Carr


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