Tooth Fairy

This is a life-size resin model kit. It is the 1/1 Tooth Fairy produced by Monster Dork Studio. The kit is base on the Tooth Fairy from the Hellboy 2 movie.

I used Aves Apoxie sculpt to resculpt the connections between the arms and legs. Each arm and leg is pinned with brass rods. I also used magnets to connect the wings to the body. This way, I can turn them as I want. The tooth fairy was painted by hand and airbrush using acrylics paints from Tamiya. A lot of dry brushing was needed to make the figure as white as possible. The base is an old one I had leftover from a 1/4 scale Sandtrooper. I completely repainted and customized it. I added some pinecones and remains of trees from my backyard.

The kit comes with 3 heads this allows you to have 3 different expressions.

Thanks a lot for organizing the contest and best regards



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