Hasegawa July 2020 Releases


Hasegawa July 2020 ReleasesUH-60J (SP) Rescue Hawk “Chitose Rescue Team 60th Anniversary”
Scale : 1:72
Product number: 02339
Release date: About July 04, 2020
Number of parts … 114
Model total length … 225.5mm
Model full width … 228 mm

Reproduce the special painting machine of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Chitose rescue team!

Etching parts: Antenna parts

Decal (marking)
Japan Air Self-Defense Force Chitose Rescue Team 60th Anniversary Painting Machine “580” (Chitose Base: August 2019)

Hasegawa July 2020 Releases“First Solomon Naval Battle Set (Naval Battle Package)”
Scale : 1: 700
Product number : A66
Release date: About July 08, 2020
A set of 5 ships (Aoba, Furutaka, Kinugasa, Kako, Tenryu) that made up the main force of the Japanese Navy that participated in the first Battle of Solomon (August 8-9, 1942). A special acrylic name plate is included!

Hasegawa July 2020 ReleasesKawanishi H6K5 Type 97 large flying boat Type 23 “Takuma Air Corps”
Scale : 1:72
Product number: 02338
Release date: About July 08, 2020

-Type 23 large flying boat 23 type deployed as a training flight boat in the Takuma Air Corps is reproduced.

The Takuma Air Corps was established in June 1943 as a practice aircraft fleet in charge of teaching practical aircraft and seaplanes . This machine is not equipped with a spinner.

Decal (marking): Takuma Navy Air Corps belonging machine

Hasegawa July 2020 ReleasesSopwith Camel F.1
Scale : 1:16
Product number : MU01
Release date: July 08, 2020
Number of parts : 293
Model length : 358.5mm
Model width … 536 mm

The Camel is a representative British air-cooled engine fighter in World War I. Boasting outstanding turning performance, speed, and climbing power, it is said that the number of production including each model is 5490. The development was done by Sopwith Aviation, and in 1917 the F.1 type with the Clerger 9B 130 hp engine was born. The main material of the actual machine is a wooden frame with upholstered cloth, and the frame around the engine, tail and rudder, etc., and leg columns are metal materials. The cockpit area was covered with plywood.

The kit reproduces this machine as a structural model other than a haori.
6 colors (brown (2 types), ivory, dark gray, clear, silver-plated parts) and rubber tires, tension wires, metal wires, and various other materials give the finish an atmosphere without painting. As with the actual machine, the control stick / foot pedal and the moving blades work together. (Fixed state can also be selected)

Decal (marking)
British nationality display of “blue, white, red” in the ladder section, instruments, etc.

Hasegawa July 2020 ReleasesMazda Cosmo Sports L10B w / 60’s girls figure
Scale : 1:24
Product number: SP368
Release date: July 09, 2020
Number of parts : 98
Model length : 172mm
Model width … 67.5 mm

A female figure made of resin has been added to the Mazda Cosmo Sports L10B.
Modeled on the same scale as the women in the 1960s fashion at the time of its release.

Hasegawa July 2020 ReleasesEA-18G Growler “VAQ-135 Black Ravens 50th Anniversary”
Scale : 1:72
Product number : …… 02351
Release date: About July 09, 2020

VAQ-135 Reproduce the 50th-anniversary painting machine of the Black Ravens!

Decal (marking):
US Navy 135th Tactical Electronic Squadron “Black Ravens”
50th Anniversary Painting Machine CAG Machine “NL520” (2019)

Hasegawa July 2020 ReleasesTupolev Tu-144S
Scale : 1: 144
Product number : 10837
Release date: About July 15, 2020
Number of parts : 108
Model length : 465mm
Model width … 200 mm

Reproduce the mass-produced Soviet SST (Supersonic transport)!

The Tu-144S is a mass-produced model that first flew on June 1, 1971. The shape of the
engine nozzle and main wing tip is different from Tu-144D (engine performance improvement type). Nose and retractable canard positions are selectable. Legs can be parked / flying. An exhibition stand is included. Set the ICM parts.

Decal (marking):
Tu-144S “CCCP-77110”
Tu-144S “CCCP-77107”

Hasegawa July 2020 ReleasesFi156C Storch
Scale : 1:32
Product number: ST8
Release date: About July 16, 2020
Number of parts : 163
Model length : 308mm
Model width : 442 mm

The Storch is a masterpiece STOL 《Short-distance planing and landing plane》, which was used as the main contact aircraft of the German army throughout the entire World War II, and a total of 2549 aircraft of each type were produced in 1939-45 during the war. It was.

Hasegawa July 2020 ReleasesKawasaki C-1 “Flight Development Experiment Team First Unit”
Scale : 1: 200
Product number : 10838
Release date: About July 16, 2020
Number of parts : 44
Model width : 152mm

Reproduce the first C-1 operated in ADTW!
Add a large Pitot tube with Shinchu grind parts.
Large pitot tube

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force flight development experiment team belonging machine “001”

Hasegawa July 2020 ReleasesIJN Light Cruiser Noshiro “The Battle of Leyte”
Scale : 1: 350
Product number : 40084
Release date: About July 18, 2020
Number of parts : 492
Model total length : 498.5 mm
Model full width … 54 mm

Noshiro, the second Agano-class ship, is included in a kit in the form of the Battle of Leyte with various equipment. The aviation deck, which is a new part, reproduces Noshiro’s original airplane transportation rail pattern.

Product Specifications
2nd Fleet 2nd Torpedo Squadron Flagship Battle of Leyte Sea October 1944

Hasegawa July 2020 ReleasesB-47E Strato Jet “1000th Strato Jet”
Scale : 1:72
Product number: 02350
Release date: About July 22, 2020
Number of parts : 166
Model length : 471mm
Model width … 491 mm

Reproduce the No. 1000 machine that rolled out in October 1954!

The US Air Force’s large strategic bomber B-47 was deployed in SAC (Strategic Aviation Corps) and operated as the main bomber of the Cold War. It is impressive that the suspension type engine pod is attached to the thin main wing with a sweepback angle of 35 °. The bomb tank door of the kit is open and comes with 24 bomb parts.

Decal (marking)
Boeing Wichita Factory Stratjet 1000 Unit “2609” (1954)

Hasegawa July 2020 ReleasesAichi D3A1 Type 99 bomber “Folding Wing”
Scale : 1:48
Product number: CH42
Release date: About July 23, 2020
Number of parts : 143
Model length : 213mm
Model width … 228 mm

Reproduce the figure with the wing tips bent on board. Along with the cross-section sculpture of the broken wing, a number of detail improvement parts such as cowl flaps, plug cords, ring sights, and bomb restraint bands are included.

Etching parts
Main wing bending part, cowl flap, etc.

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