Star Trek Space Ship Set

The AMT Star Trek Space Ship Set is finished.

I first built this set when I was about six years old. I snapped it together, didn’t paint or decal it, and played with the ships until they broke.

The ships were built using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement and straight MEK, and gaps filled with Bondo putty. The Enterprise and D7 were painted using Tamiya and Vallejo Acrylics, as well as Vallejo Metal Color Chrome for the metallic accents. The Bird of Prey was primed with Stynylrez Gloss Black and then sprayed with Metal Color Silver.

The decals are the aftermarket set by JT graphics and actually cost more than the kit, LOL. The models and decals were sealed with Future.

I used Krylon UV Matte Clear for the Enterprise and D7, and Future plus Tamiya Flat Base for the BoP, with some buffing to give a satin look.

The base was filled with plaster and epoxy putty to give it weight and was painted using a dark gray automotive primer.

Also, in the spirit of “Be a Kid Again”, I added an intentional little goof on the D7. It’s fairly easy to spot.



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