I printed the whole thing with my Epax X10. The figure, lantern, and base were printed in grey resin. The energy pattern effect was printed in clear resin. All printed at 0.05mm.

To get the clear resin as optically clear as possible, I applied 5 coats of gloss on it which helped to clear up some of the frosted look it had gotten after being cured.

To light it up, I ordered some mini rice lights, 3.3ft which run off two CR2032 batters to have the lighting unit and power supply self-contained and under the base.

I used acrylic gold and gloss black for the uniform. I then added a metallic medium to enhance the highlights of the uniform. The lantern was Aclad chrome with a golden candy yellow and gloss top coat. The base was a gloss black base with a wicked color called elegance for the highlights.



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