Mr. Spock

Mr. Spock is one of Star Trek’s most popular characters if not the most popular! Mr. Spock made his debut in 1966 in Star Trek: The Original Series. This classic model kit has been around for over 30 years now. When the kit was re-released the original tooling was restored to bring it back as we had originally seen all of those years ago.

This build was a commission for Kenny Conklin’s brother Bobby. The kit was built directly out of the box even though there are upgrades for this kit. It was painted using acrylics and the 3 monster/serpent heads were all rescribed to get rid of the nasty seams. Aftermarket rank and badge decals were used vs the molded on ones. Bobby wanted the kit to look like the one he remembered from his childhood. And, that is exactly what was done for this kit. I hope you enjoy the finished pictures of this build!



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