Hasegawa May 2020 Releases


EA-6B Prowler “Last Prowler VMAQ-2”
Scale … 1:72
part number ……… 02335
Release date …… Around May 13, 2020
Number of parts … 83
Model full length … 287mm
Model full width … 223mm
Complete retirement! U.S. Marine Corps last EA-6B

In March 2019, the special marking machine that was unveiled at the firing ceremony of VMAQ-2 was reproduced.

Decal (marking)
US Marine Corps 2nd Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron squadron “CY02” (March 2019)

RF-4E Phantom II “501SQ Final Year 2020 (Forest Camouflage)”
Scale … 1:48
part number ……… 07490
Release date: May 08, 2020 …… Around May 13, 2020
Number of parts … 125
model full length … 400mm
model full width … 246mm

Retired at the end of 2019. 501SQ RF-4E is reproduced on 1/48 scale!

Decal (marking)
Air Self Defense Force Reconnaissance Air Corps 501st Squadron RF-4E Retirement Commemorative Painter “909” (Hyuri Base: 2019-2020)

A-10C Thunderbolt II “355FW Special Marking”
Scale … 1:72
part number ……… 02333
Release date …… Around May 13, 2020 Body price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 126
model full length … 225mm
model full width … 242mm

Reproduce A-10C of 355FW wearing P-51 paint!

A special marking machine with the motif of the paint of P-51 on which ace pilot lieutenant Henry William Brown belonging to 355FG was on board during World War II
An invasion stripe is marked on the underside of the wing and engine nacelle .

Decal (marking)
US Air Force 355th Fighter Wing 354th Fighter Squadron Special Painter “DM275” (October 2019)

Mitsubishi F-2A “Flight Development Experiment Team” w / ASM-3
Scale … 1:48
part number ……… 07465
Release date May 11, 2020
Model length … 328mm
Model width … 244mm

Reproduce the offshore camouflage aircraft that will test the latest equipment by the Flight Development Experiment Team (ADTW). Set of the air-to-ship missile ASM-3, which is about to be put into practical use, and the current latest air-to-air missile AAM-5 parts!
A checkerboard type decal for ASM-3 is also available.

Additional plastic parts
ASM-3 / AAM-5 parts

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force Flight Development Experiment Team belonging machine “ 514 ” (Gifu Base: 2017)

De Boiscine D.520 & Messerschmitt Bf109E “Battle of France”
Scale … 1:72
part number ……… 02332
Release date May 18, 202
Battle of France 80th anniversary!

A set of two aircraft: Doboatinine D.520 belonging to French Airways and Messerschmitt Bf109E belonging to German Air Force.

Decal (marking)
D.520: French Air Force Special Air Defense Squadron belonging aircraft “5” (France: May 1940), and one other aircraft
Bf109E: German Air Force 53rd Fighter Wing III Squadron Squadron Captain Werner Melders Ride “<< + |” (May 1940), and one other aircraft.

OH-6D “Akino Special 2019” w / Female SDF figure
Scale … 1:48
part number ……… 07488
Release date: May 18, 2020
Model length … 157mm
Model width … 167mm

Retired OH-6D at the end of 2019. Reproduce the markings commemorating the 40th anniversary of operation in the Ground Self Defense Force!

Resin parts
Light, FLIR, antenna parts, etc.
1/20 female SDF figure

Decal (marking)
JGSDF 10th Squadron Akeno Air Festival Commemorative Painter “JG-1308” (Akeno garrison: November 3, 2019)

Mitsubishi A6M2a Zero Type Fighter 11 Type “12th Air Corps”
Scale … 1:48
part number ……… 07489
Release date May 18, 2020
Number of parts … 65
model full length … 187mm
model full width … 250mm

80 years anniversary! Reproduce the aircraft of the unit where Zero Fighter was deployed first. The Zero Fighter was adopted on July 24, 1940. The 12th Navy Air Corps was the first unit to receive Zero Fighter and made its operational debut in Mainland China in September 1940.

Decal (marking)
Aircraft belonging to the 12th Navy Air Corps “3-163” (September 1940), “3-183” (1941)

Kawasaki Ki48 Type 99 twin-engine light bomber type II “Special equipment”
Scale … 1:72
part number ……… 02287
Release date May 22, 2020
The Banlobe Corps is the first special assault squadron in the Army. A special equipment aircraft belonging to the headquarters is a special aircraft for hitting the enemy ship
with a bomber. The bomb dropper and nose and rear swivel machine gun had been removed. The kit comes with a Shinchu wire for reproducing the fuse.

Decal (marking)
Japanese Army Manlobe Corps machine (3 detonation fuses)
Japanese Army Manlobe Corps machine (1 detonation fuze)

Su-35 flanker “UAV”?
Scale … 1:72
part number ……… 02334
Release date …… Around May 27, 2020
Number of parts … 284
model full length … 306mm
model full width … 205mm

A kit of the Su-35 drone specifications with Hasegawa original settings!
Armored cockpit fairing creates a SF-tick finish.

Resin parts
Cockpit fairing panel parts

Decal (marking)
Russian Air Force belonging machine “903” (assumed)
1 other aircraft

IJN Battleship Mikasa Full Hull Special
Scale … 1: 700
part number ……… CH120
Release date May 22, 2020
Full Hull Special with added etching parts and hull bottom parts!
Selectable type during the Battle of the Sea of ​​Japan and the Battle of the Yellow Sea
Aluminum nameplate included (new)
Wooden board for display stand included

Additional plastic parts
Ship bottom
Stand support

Etching parts
The same etched parts as the battleship Mikasa detail-up etched parts (article number: QG59)

Sawed things
Includes 4 main barrel parts made of brass (new)

YS-11 “Prototype No.1 / No.2”
Scale … 1: 144
part number ……… 10836
Release date …… Around May 28, 2020
Number of parts … 48
model full length … 182.5mm
model full width … 222mm

First flight in August 1962! Reproduce the prototype of Japan Aircraft Manufacturing YS-11.

The YS-11 is the first full-fledged turboprop twin-engine passenger aircraft manufactured in Japan. Developed by Nippon Aircraft Manufacturing, production was shared by five domestic companies, and final assembly was performed by MHI.

The body color is white.
An exhibition stand is included.

Decal (marking)
Prototype 1 “1” / Prototype 2 “2”

IJN Destroyer Asashio “Hyper Detail”
Scale … 1: 700
part number ……… 30064
Release date May 27, 2020
Number of parts … 89
Model total length … 169mm

Ultra-precise expression unique to etching!
Added detail-up etching parts to 1/700 scale morning tide.

Etching parts
Bridge roof with window frame, chimney rain grate, ventilation tower net, handrail, ladder, watertight door, torpedo camp, parabane dropper, detonator loading stand, ammunition box, skid beam, boat davit, tricycle, ship Tail light, direction finder, bow flagpole, stern flagpole, etc.

Product Specifications
Affiliation of the 8th Destroyer (when the war started in December 1941)

F-5E Tiger II Shark NoseS
Scale … 1:32
part number ……… ST16 our shipping … Release date: May 29, 2020 …… Around June 3, 2020 Body price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 131 model full length … 434mm model full width … 254mm

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Decal (marking)
U.S. Navy Reserve Fleet VFC-13 aircraft NAS Fallon Base
U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet VF-43 belonging aircraft NAS Oceana Base

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