Kiriko Hattori


1/5 GK Dai Shogun – Great Revolution – Kiriko Hattori

Dai Shogun, a mecha anime television series, features a female ninja, Kiriko Hattori, who carries out missions with loyalty and in cold blood. Kiriko lacks human emotions such as sympathizing with others.

This GK stands tall at 1/5 scale and painting her was easy being this large. Her purple bodysuit was pre-shaded and highlighted in purple tones, adding slightly lighter shades to the raised details later with a brush. Her main armor plates were sprayed in black and later dry-brushed with metallic tones for an aged look. Her hair was also sprayed with a black base and entirely hand-brushed with shades of brown following the flow of her strands. Some minor scratch building was needed to secure the two small pom-poms that hang from her sword hilt. They were twisted from thin wire and attached. Other small details were mostly hand-brushed on as well as her eyes which were also painted in.

Overall, I really enjoyed building this GK especially the painting process and colors used. With a GK figure of this size, it makes a beautiful piece to display!


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