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So I have decided it was time to learn to paint figures since they have always been my first love in the hobby world. I went out and bought new paints, brushes, and a few other things. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos on painting figures basically because I am not good at painting them. I saw a lot of painters using the Redgrass Everlasting Wet Palette. What did I do? Well, of course, I ordered one. So let us take a look at the palette and how a beginner figure painter feels about it.

Now there are two types of wet palettes from Redgrass Games. There is the “Painter” edition and the “Studio XL” edition of the palette. I decided to go with the Painter edition for a couple of reasons. The first reason I chose the Painter edition was the price. It is cheaper than the XL which is a big plus just starting out painting figures. And, the second reason is that it is smaller than the XL version of the wet palette. As I have limited space the best bet for me was the smaller version.

There are also different versions of the Painter and Studio Xl versions that you can get. Some come with fewer items and some come with more items including more hydration paper and an extra hydration foam pad. If you also like to use a dry palette there is an option for that also. Depending on what you choose will dictate the price that you pay. In this article, I will just talk about the product I purchased and that is the Painter: Starter Pack.

The starter pack comes with the Painter Wet Palette that measures in at 15 x 20 cm for you imperial users out there that would be 5.9 x 7.9 inches. It is a decent size palette. It includes one hydration foam pad, 1 package including 15 sheets of hydration paper, and one elastic band. The band is used to keep the two halves of the palette together and also ensuring a good seal when the palette is closed after use. It is very simple to set up the palette. All you have to do is put the hydration foam pad in the bottom half of the palette, wet the pad, and lay the hydration paper on top of the pad making sure you have no bubbles or creases in the paper. Just know that the hydration paper is smaller than the hydration pad. So leave a little space between the edge of the pad and the sheet you are laying down. Do not wet both sides of the paper. The paper is made to allow the right amount of water to soak through the sheet and keep your paints hydrated. Also do not overload the foam by having water at the sides of the palette and to the top of the hydration pad. If your hydration pad begins to dry simply add some more water. And, that is it add your paint and you are off to the races.

And a few more words about the Everlasting Wet Palette. With the palette open, you actually have two palettes in one. You can use both sides if you have two hydration pads. So if you have a buddy over or just a lot of painting you will be good to go. Just remember that the other pad will have to be removed and cleaned and the hydration sheet thrown away so you can close the palette to save the paint you are working on. The palette height to me is perfect. You can get your hand in there no problem because it is so low. Unlike using a homemade wet palette where you are reaching over and down into a container to get to your paints. The palette is airtight once closed and the band is securely around the palette. Now do not mistake airtight for watertight these are two different things. As we all know water is a monster and will make its way anywhere it can fit. You will not have a large spill if turned over but there is a possibility of slight leakage so you still need to be mindful of that.

Now a few suggestions and warnings. I suggest you use distilled water with the palette and with any of your acrylic paints. This is because tap water has contaminants in it and it can adversely affect your paint. Boiling water and using it will not get rid of the minerals that are left in tap water either and could affect your paint. Redgrass advises that you do not use anything to clean the palette other than soap and water. If there is excess paint you can use isopropyl alcohol but sparingly. You can also clean the foam pad but again only using soap and water anything else will ruin the pad. If the hydration pad dries out it will get hard just simply add water and it will return to its normal shape. Another thing to remember is that we all live in different climates and our water will evaporate at different rates. The palette is called everlasting but that is just a name so don’t get frustrated your palette will eventually dry out and have to be rehydrated.

Overall I think this is a very good product for the beginner or advanced painter. I like that you don’t have to use a sponge that will possibly get mold and will definitely have a smell after awhile. The hydration pad is mold resistant and can be washed. Again the height is nice. And most of all it is all made for me already and replacement pads and sheets are readily available. Also, I like that it has magnets on the side and a dry palette that can be attached for paints, inks, or washes you do not intend on putting on the palette.

If you are interested in this palette or the XL palette you can get them directly from Redgrass Games at or where I bought mine at


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