Nakajima Ki44 Type 2 single-seat fighter Shoki II type Otsu 40mm gun equipped
Scale … 1:72
part number ……… 02329
Released on April 06, 2020
Number of parts … 37
Model full length … 121mm
Model full width … 132mm

Added metal parts to reproduce the 40mm gun with the barrel end cover removed!

Decal (marking)
Flight 47th Squadron belonging aircraft “ Red 71 ”, “ Red 65 ”

J35 Draken “Scandinavian Draken”
Scale … 1:72
part number ……… 02330
Release date: April 06, 2020
Number of parts … 63
model full length … 213mm
model full width … 130mm

Scandinavian Peninsula Reproduce Draken of two countries!

Decal (marking)
J35F-2: Swedish Air Force F10 Wing 1st Squadron “10-57”
J35FS: Finnish Air Force 21st Fighter Squadron “DK-271” (1991)

Hubble Space Telescope & Space Shuttle Orbiter w / Astronaut
Scale … 1: 200
part number ……… SP455
Release date: April 08, 2020
Number of parts … 71
model full length … 185mm
model full width … 118mm

Hubble Space Telescope 30th Anniversary!
Special kit with emblem.

This set can reproduce a tense scene in outer space just before the Hubble Space Telescope is separated from the space shuttle. The Hubble Space Telescope reproduces the short solar paddle type. Includes three resin astronaut figures (prototype made by Satoshi Tsujimura) and metal wires for spacewalk reproduction.
With display stand.

The emblem is planned to be an embroidery type about 7cm long x 11cm wide.

Resin parts
1/200 Astronaut figure 3 bodies

Mitsubishi F-2A “6SQ 60th anniversary painting machine”
Scale … 1:72
part number ……… 02331
Release date: April 08, 2020
Number of parts … 128
model full length … 209mm m
odel full width … 156mm

Reproduce the 6SQ 60th anniversary painting machine.
Decal (marking)
JASDF 8th Air Wing 6th Squadron 60th Anniversary Painter “523” (Tsukijo Base: August 2019)

F-14B Tomcat “VF-103 Jolly Rogers 2002”
Scale … 1:72
part number ………SP454
Release date: April 13, 2020
Number of parts … 211
model full length … 266mm
model full width … 271mm

Special kit with emblem of the 2002 Mediterranean / Persian Gulf cruise! !
The emblem is about 9cm x 9cm embroidery type.
* The picture of the emblem may differ from the product due to the prototype.

Decal (marking)
US Navy aircraft carrier USS George Washington equipped 103rd fighter squadron “Jolly Rogers” squadron aircraft “AA103” (May 2002)

Nakajima B6N2 Carrier Attack Aircraft Tenyama Type 12 “Ootori Attack Squadron”
Scale … 1:48
part number ……… 07486
Release date: April 13, 2020
Number of parts … 164
model full length … 226mm
model full width … 310mm

A kit with markings for aircraft equipped with the aircraft carrier Taiho!
Includes torpedo, bomb and electric probe parts (selectable).

Decal (marking)
Aircraft carrier Taiho equipped 601st Naval Air Corps aircraft (601-311)
Aircraft carrier Taiho Attack Squadron machine “311-314” (April-May 1944)
Aircraft carrier Taiho Attack Squadron belonging machine “11-317” (Singapore: March-April 1944)

P-38L Lightning “Jeronimo II”
Scale … 1:48
part number ……… JT2
Release date on April 15, 2020

P-40N Warhawk
Scale … 1:48
part number ……… JT88
Release date April 17, 2020

Mitsubishi J2M5 local fighter Raiden
Scale … 1:48
part number ……… JT136
Release date April 17, 2020

A-1H Sky Raider w / Special Bomb
Scale … 1:72
part number ……… BP104
Release date April 17, 2020

RF-4EJ Phantom II “501SQ Final Year 2020”
Scale … 1:48
part number ……… 07487
Release date: April 20, 2020
Number of parts … 138
model length … 402mm
model width … 246mm

Reproduced at the end of 2019, the 501SQ RF-4EJ is reproduced on a 1/48 scale!
Set 3 types of reconnaissance pod parts. (LOROP, TAC, TACER pod)

Decal (marking)
JASDF reconnaissance squadron 501st Squadron RF-4EJ retirement commemorative painting machine “433” (Hyuri base: 2019-2020)

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer Kaga “multi-purpose operation carrier”
Scale … 1: 700
part number ……… 30063
Release date: April 22, 2020
Number of parts … 150
model full length … 356mm
model full width … 73mm

Model “Kaga” with ski jump deck! (Assumed)

Ski jump deck parts made of etching are set.
A kit for the multi-purpose operation carrier “Kaga”. F-35B (four), MCH-101, SH-60K, MV-22 (two each) are included.
The ship’s bottom parts are selectable between full hull and water line, and a
wooden display stand and aluminum name plate are included.
Furthermore, it is a luxurious version that includes a detail up etching (QG69)!

Etching parts
Ski jump deck
Handrails, fall prevention nets, guides for lubrication hoses & pulleys, rotors for carrier-based aircraft (MCH-101 / SH-60K), etc. (same as QG69)

Product Specifications
Multi-purpose operation carrier specifications (assuming specifications renovated as light aircraft carrier)

C-130H Hercules “JASDF Gray Scheme”
Scale … 1: 200
part number ……… 10835
Release date: April 24, 2020
Number of parts … 66
model full length … 165mm
model full width … 204mm

Reproduce the aircraft wearing the same gray scheme as the C-2!
Set the parts for updating antennas.
With display stand.

Decal (marking)
JASDF machine “074” (December 2019)

F-104G Star Fighter “NATO Fighter”
Scale … 1:48
part number ……… PT20
Release date: April 24, 2020
Number of parts … 143
model full length … 367mm
model full width … 160mm

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