So here’s my completed sculpt of Baby Yoda. The kit can be found at and is a ¼” scale model. I am very pleased with the results as it is a good likeness of the infant along with an accurate looking carrying pod. The kit measures 6” L, 4” H with a 3” L figure inside. The paint used for the pod was Insignia White from Mission models which I think worked great as it is not too bright. A Tamyia Weathering kit was used for smudging up the surface. The chipped effect was achieved by first painting the pod with Vallejo’s silver and then creating the large patches with liquid masking fluid.

The child figure’s face was painted with a mix of Craftsmart Bright Mint and Robins Egg Blue. The tunic, Testors Armor Sand and the blanket and bedding with Brown from Mission Models. The orange was also from Mission Models color.

Overall I think this turned out great and the 3D print is of excellent quality with a good likeness of the character. The pod is also accurate for the most part. Highly recommend this one.

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I've been building models since I was age 10. I've kind of gone in and out of the hobby through the years because of schooling and career but now that I'm pretty well settled in, I've been building pretty regularly over the last 4-5 years. Although I've built some WWII ships and planes in the past, I now mainly build sci-fi ships. My favorite subjects have been Star Trek and Star Wars but also have built many from 60s-70s sci-fi TV. A couple of yrs ago I started a Youtube channel just to put in my 2 cents and give advice. Surprisingly it hit 1M in 2017 views and still growing. I enjoy scale modeling as it provides an escape from daily stresses and routines. It also has been a great way to stay in touch with my childhood memories and simpler times. I must add that I have met some really great people since becoming active online in the modeling community and I look forward to continue my contribution to the hobby.


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