So you may have been upset or disappointed to see that a 1:420 scale kit was made for added detail for that specific kit. The 1:420 scale Defiant is out of production, highly-priced, and if you get lucky you will find one on sale. But, because you love the ship so much you decided to purchase the 1:1000 scale kit. The kit is fairly basic and you would have to scratch build your own parts if you wanted to detail it. But, we are lucky enough to have Greenstrawberry on our side. They have produced an aftermarket set specifically for the 1:1000 scale U.S.S. Defiant. So let us jump right into the kit and see what you will be getting.

We will start off with the box and the instructions as usual. It is the standard Greenstrawberry box with a photograph of the contents on the front of the box. The front also gives you the kits name, scale, and part number on it. The rear of the box gives you some general information plus Grennstrawberry’s URL. The instructions are standard issue for Greenstrawberry. They start out with a sketch of the parts, where to cut the resin pour stubs off, a key for call-outs during construction and then they lead into the instructions themselves.

The kit includes nine resin pieces to add detail to the interior and exterior of the ship. Six of the pieces are for the warp nacelles including two transparent blue pieces for lighting the ship. The other three pieces are for the shuttle bay that is located underneath the ship. And, also one piece of clear acetate.

Up next you will have two photo-etch frets. The frets include parts for the nacelle grills, interior ring for the shuttle bay, vents, windows, and other small detailed parts.

This set will definitely add more detail to the little 1:1000 scale U.S.S. Defiant.

Official Greenstrawberry Photos

Set contains:

PE Parts:

– all phaser array

– all surface vents

– Warp engines grills

– impulse engines inner ring

– new main bridge surface detail

– main engineering surface detail

– bussard collectors strips


– all new warp engines with central clear blue parts

– new detailed main shuttle bay

If you are interested in this kit you can find it here.

Kit price – $31.23 excluding taxes and shipping

Greenstrawberry 1:1000 USS Defiant Aftermarket Set
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