Welcome to the VJ/VE 75th Anniversary Group Build. We would like to invite you to join the build commemorating the end of World War II. We want to honor the brave men and women who did everything they could for their countries at home and abroad. This group build will have a twist to it though. We do not just want to remember just the war we want to remember the time period between 1939 and 1945. Your build can be anything during that time period be it, kids at play in the streets of a small town, soldiers fighting the “Battle of the Bulge”, a beautiful European countryside, it is all up to your imagination. We don’t only want to see the horrors of war but also the good during such a horrific time for so many people.

Here are the rules of the group build:

1. Start: February 10, 2020
2. Ends: December 31, 2020
3. All kits, aftermarket, scratch-building allowed.
4. All scales allowed
5. The kit/kits you are building should be new or not started as this is a group build not a pre-built showcase.
6. Stand alone, Vignettes, Dioramas are all allowed
7. Your build has to fall in the time period of 1939 to 1945
8. We ask you to join the community if you can and post in the official group here https://community.hobbylinkinternational.com/groups/vj-ve-75th-anniversary-group-build/ it is not mandatory but appreciated.
9. All finished builds will be made into articles for the site https://www.hobbylinkinternational.com
10. And, most of all have fun with your build.

If you are going to make YouTube videos below is a thumbnail you can use for your videos. Please title your videos THE HLI VJ/VE GB so we can find them. If you have any questions you can contact me at hobbylinkinternational@gmail.com


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