1:7 scale GK Kantai Collection – Kashima

Kantai Collection subtitled as ‘Combined Fleet Girls Collection’, abbreviated as ‘Kancolle’, is a Japanese free to play, web browser game developed by Kadokawa Games and published by DMM.com.

Kashima is a character with a feminine personality, gentle, but lacking in self-confidence, and portrays a Training Cruiser which is indicated by the maritime signal flags on her hat. This GK was a simple build and went together without much prep. Some crevices showed imperfections from the cast and were puttied and sanded smooth. I had to fashion buckles for her briefcase, which represents her depth charge launcher, by using some Pla-tubes and wire bent to shape.

They were epoxied in place to join up with her carrying hand. Skin tones, her skirt, stockings, hair, and most of the kit was based coated with an airbrush. Her hat flag, uniform stripes, and smaller areas, painted with a brush. This kit is also my 2 nd attempt at painting eyes instead of using decals. Points were marked lightly with a sharp pencil and details painted in using the decals and online images for reference. Overall, I am happy with the end result. I wanted to have fun building and painting this kit so kept things simple with the prep work and approach. An example would be her uniform top, which was primed in white and then lightly wet sanded smooth. Her wood base was painted with a thinned down brown and then top coated with Semi-Gloss.


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